Are You Worried About Your Health?

Work on Your Health Instead of Worrying

No matter how old you are, it’s easy for your health to make you feel down. We all may have been there, from time to time, when we start to worry about our health. You may have a few nagging issues that are on your mind, or you may be obsessed with being in perfect health and shape.  No matter what is going on in with your health, in order to get through this time in your life, remember to relax and do what is necessary to feel better.  If you are worried about your health, take steps to work on it instead of stressing out about it.

There’s nothing worse than having those little issues frustrating you on a daily basis. To determine the real problems, try to get to the root of them.  If health issues are making you physically ill, you may need to seek medical attention. However, if your issues are truly something you can tackle on your own, there are home remedies you can do to alleviate the issues.

Ask yourself what it is that will make you feel better about your health. Is it to lose weight, eat healthier or exercise more?  If so, look at the information below to get you started in the right direction.

Set some goals for yourself before starting weight loss> Weight Loss
Before getting started with weight loss, it may be best to set some goals for yourself. Knowing what direction to go in can make all the difference. When creating goals in your life, they should be S.M.A.R.T. Your weight loss goals should not be any different. What are S.M.A.R.T. goals?

S = Specific  – identify how much weight you want to lose
M = Measurable – define what your achieved goals will look like for YOU
A = Attainable – when determining the amount of weight you want to lose, decide if that number is achievable and if can you maintain it
R = Realistic – decide if deadline date you chose to lose the weight by is realistic
T = Time-based – determine the date in which you want to hit your goal weight

> Eating Healthier
You may need to substitute what you are eating now for more healthy choices. Sometimes it is just a matter of substituting one thing for another. For example, if you want to cook a great pasta dish, instead of using regular pasta, use zoodles (zucchini noodles) or spaghetti squash. There are all kinds of tasty substitutions you can do in the kitchen to incorporate both – healthy cooking and weight loss. Below are a few substitutions for healthy cooking:
Recipe substitutions for healthy cooking

> Exercise
There are several things to get you going in the right direction. Before incorporating exercises into your weight loss plan, speak with your doctor. It is very important that you do not injure yourself during work outs.

If you were someone who was physically active before 50, that is wonderful. However, it’s not too late to start physical activities if you didn’t exercise regularly before. Start out exercising for 15 minutes per day two times a week, then gradually work your way up to five hours per week.

Playing tennis is a moderate-intensity exercise

For moderate-intensity exercises, try the following:
• Ballroom dancing
• Bicycling
• Tennis
• Walking briskly
• Water aerobics

For high-intensity exercises, try the following:
• Aerobic dancing
• Hiking uphill
• Jumping rope
• Race walking, jogging, or running
• Swimming

For various pains and symptoms, don’t ignore them. For example, if you feel constant dull headaches, find out if they are related to medications you are taking or stress.  Seek medical attention if you have recently added or changed medications. If you have health problems that continue, it may be time to visit your doctor.

Particularly if you are on a computer all day, you may start to experience back and neck pain. To relieve some of those problems at home, click here ==>  back and neck pain relief <==

If you are feeling stress,  make sure you take time to relax.  Consider adding yoga, meditation and aromatherapy to your daily regimen.

Also, consider these wonderful exercises as described in the article “30 Best Exercises for Lower Back Pain” written by Nick Catlin, two-time Olympic Field Hockey player. As you will see on this Jen Reviews site, there is written instruction on how to do each exercise along with a demonstration video.

> Yoga
Some people truly enjoy yoga and says it is a great way to maintain a positive attitude and relieve stress. There are several benefits of yoga.  Even though yoga relieves stress, many practitioners believe there is a connection between yoga and weight loss. For some people, yoga is the connection you make with your body and with that, people become more aware of what they consume. While yoga will not give you extreme weight loss, you can still burn calories.

Yoga is a great way to relieve stress
If you are just beginning a yoga workout regimen, starting out slowly, perhaps in a beginner’s yoga class may prove to be the most beneficial.

> Meditation
Meditation means to create awareness. Therefore, when meditating, try the following:
– Sit comfortably
– Focus on your breathing
– Listen to some soft, quite music
– Start with smaller amounts of time to meditate (instead of an hour initially)

Lavender is a common aromatherapy > Aromatheraphy
Essential oils can be used in a variety of ways including directly on the skin, warmed by using a diffuser, on the stove, or in the bath. There are a few essential oils that are used most commonly. They are:

  • Lemon
  • Chamomile
  • Lavender
  • Cedarwood
  • Bergamot

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If you are worried about your health, don’t let pain or ill health plague your life. Instead, do something about it. Decide what it is that will make you feel better by setting some goals. Once you decide what will make yo feel better, take action. If you have illness, you may need to seek medical attention. If not, try some home remedies and relax. Yoga, meditation and aromatherapy may be exactly what you need to feel better and stop worrying about your health.

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4 thoughts on “Are You Worried About Your Health?

  1. Fantastic article. I love the SMART method. I never thought about it that way.

    Two things I need to really work on at 50 is losing a little weight and eating healthier. For my exercise, I play ice hockey but need to get out there more often. I love to meditate it really relaxes my body and mind.

    Your articles are always right on time and reminders it’s time to start doing some self care.

    Thank you so much,

    1. David,

      Thank you for stopping by and for the comments. I’m glad you enjoyed the article and it helped to make the decision to become even healthier. You sound like you are already on the right path. That’s wonderful. With just a few more small modifications, you will really be on the right track to becoming a healthier you. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Yvette

    Thank you for a reminder about being healthy. I had such great goals at the beginning of the year and here we are in June and I’ve met none of my health goals and instead gone backward. I am working hard to stay on the wagon now but have been sick with a nasty head cold I cannot seem to shake! I am making lots of hearty soups with loads of garlic so hoping that will fix it soon. Off to redo my goals. I’ll let you know how I go!

    1. Thank you for stopping by and for the comments, Megan. Don’t worry about not meeting your past goals. Adjusting is the right thing to do so you can get back on track. Please do come back to let me know how you’re doing. I would like to hear from you. Keep up the good work with working toward your goals to be a healthy you and I do hope you feel better soon.

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