Avoiding the Most Common Exercise Injuries

Regular exercise will do a whole lot of good for your body. However, it’s essential that you’re always mindful of the activities you’re doing and that you try and prevent injuries. An injury can cause a long setback that leads to weeks or months on the sofa without the ability to exercise and you certainly don’t want that to happen! The best way to prevent injuries is to be aware of the most common ones that are lurking around the corner.

Let’s look at the most common workout injuries. See the list below:

– Knee injuries
– Muscle pull and strain
–  Sprained ankle
– Shoulder injury
– Shin splint
– Wrist sprain and dislocation
– Tendinitis

Let’s look closer at the first three on the list above:

> Knee Injuries
Knee injuries are so common because there are so many ways you can damage your knee. As it mentions on the website for the Law Offices of George Salinas the knee joint is extremely complex. If you sustain a knee injury, they can help you file a complaint and get some compensation to pay for all the recovery treatment you’ll need.

While injuries like this are out of your control, you can still do a lot to stop other knee injuries by wearing knee braces and ensuring you have the right footwear that offers ample support.

A knee can buckle under pressure, be hyper-extended when you run or twist either way when you’re moving around. Most knee injuries happen when you’re either wearing bad footwear or you’re putting too much pressure on your joints.

Some ways to avoid knee injuries is the following:
– Maintain your weight
– Warm up before exercising
– Don’t suddenly change the intensity of your exercise
– Wear sensible shoes with a good fit

The video below gives details on knee pain including symptoms and treatment :


One of the most common muscle pulls or strains happen in your low back> Muscle Pull and Strain
One of the most common muscle pulls or strains happen in your low back.  Muscle strains happen because of:

– not warming up properly before physical activity
– overexertion and fatigue
– poor flexibility
– poor conditioning

Damage to the soft tissues supporting the lower spine muscles, tendons, and ligaments cause most episodes of low back pain.

When picking heavy items up, people don’t bend correctly which then can lead to back problems. Also, as far as posture, try not to slouch or stoop. When you do that, your muscles and ligaments strain to keep you balanced – which then can lead to back pain as well as headaches and other problems. So, remember these two things to help prevent lower back injuries –  improve your posture and learn to pick things up the correct way.

Watch the video below:


> Ankle Injuries
A lot of people will suffer from at least one twisted/sprained ankle in their life, but tendinitis in this joint is also quite common. An ankle sprain often occurs when the foot suddenly twists or rolls. When this happens, it forces the joint out of its normal position. Injuries like this can occur when you do any type of activity that An ankle sprain often occurs when the foot suddenly twists or rollsinvolves running or walking.

The causes of this happening can be from wearing poor footwear, walking on uneven surfaces and at any age.  Ensure you wear the proper support for your joints and take the pressure out of them.

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Accidents happen and no one actually intends to injure themselves. But, accidents can also happen to people that aren’t taking care of themselves and being mindful. Hopefully, by knowing some of the common exercise injuries, you will now know how to prevent them from occurring as best as you can. If you incur an injury, make sure to take the proper steps to get healed including seeking medical attention right away. If you are given rehabilitation exercises to do, make sure you follow orders and do them as instructed so that you can get back in your favorite gym or sport.

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