Balance of Body and Mind Through Self-care

There are many aspects to self-care. Not only is there self-care for the body, but also for the mind.  Learning how to manage self-care for your body overall is very important. After reading this wonderful article, I will now know and understand the balance of body and mind through self-care.

Read this fascinating article so you, too, will truly understand how important it is to take care of not just your body, but your mind.


Guest Post – Brad Krause

It’s that time of year again when most of us tend to think about resolutions in terms of self-improvement, of pledges we take in order to strengthen our resolve to lose weight, to save money, to spend more time with our families, and so on. Those are all noble and worthwhile personal initiatives, but it overlooks an important aspect of your health – self-care. Everyone needs time to indulge in interests, hobbies and leisure-time activities that alleviate stress and bring us joy.

There must be some sense of reward for all the hard work you put in … including the hard work you do to drop a few pounds or set aside a few dollars. Without some reward, it hardly seems worth it to engage in self-improvement if there’s no reward for yourself, and no enjoyable way to benefit you in body and mind.

Below is a list of things you can do to begin the journey of self-care for your body and mind:

1. Meal delivery services
It can be very difficult to eat healthy from day to day, especially when work and family responsibilities keep you busy seven days a week. It’s not unusual for a busy professional to miss lunch, sometimes several times a week, in order to get the work done and meet the expectations of clients and supervisors. It’s also often difficult to find the time to sit down to a delicious and healthy dinner when there’s no time to shop, not to mention cook.

A meal delivery service can get around that problem by delivering healthy, well-balanced meals on demand and to your exact specifications. For many people, it may be the only way to ensure getting enough nutrition, or eating anything other than fast food. Be diligent about researching the best services that offer the most nutritious food through a watchdog site like – this will ensure you’re ordering from a reputable company, and that you’re getting the best deal for your needs and budget.

2. Learn to cook
Whether you choose to use a meal delivery service or scout Pinterest for recipes, one of the surest ways to achieve and maintain good health is to learn to cook for yourself. Why not add a fun wrinkle by choosing a specific cuisine to learn, something you’ve always enjoyed eating and would love to make for yourself and your loved ones? Learn how to find and use authentic ingredients so you can make the real thing. French cuisine, cherished worldwide, is a delicious choice and, despite the reputation of the French for cooking with butter, there are many dishes that incorporate vegetables, healthy spices and a measured and proportional use of lean meats.

3. Yoga class
This year, make time to achieve balance through yoga, a mind-body discipline that builds muscle and joint flexibility, improves focus and increases your sense of happiness. Yoga’s many poses help improve your posture, prevent cartilage decay, increase blood flow and raise your heart rate. Practitioners may expect lower blood pressure and reduced blood sugar. Yoga can be practiced almost anywhere – all you really need is a few square feet, a yoga mat and a few minutes of quiet for concentration. Consider joining a yoga class, or review one of the many yoga how-to videos on YouTube.

4. Learn a language
Learning a new language is one of the best things you can do for your brain. It improves cognitive functioning as well as your ability to discern meaning in other mental problem-solving tasks. You become better at mental multitasking, your memory improves and you grow more perceptive. Studies have also shown that those who learn a second language are also less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease.

These days, there’s more than one way to learn a language, thanks to the internet. Websites like Duolingo allow you to learn the language of your choice and at your own pace. Perhaps the best way to learn a language is to practice it, to engage in it with other students on a regular basis, which is why it’s so beneficial to find a live, interactive class, either in a community college or at some other educational institution.

This year, be proactive about your physical and mental health. Incorporate your mental wellness with your physical being by seeking a balance between your mind and body, and try seeing it from a broader perspective than simply losing 15 pounds or reading more books.

About the author, Brad Krause
I left the corporate world to help promote the simple notion of self-care. I’m doing so through my writing and consulting. It is my goal to help you be the best you that you can be.

After spending far too long neglecting my own self-care, I became a full-time life coach. I spend just about every waking hour helping people find ways to put their wellness above all else. I hope SelfCaring will help you do the same!

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2 thoughts on “Balance of Body and Mind Through Self-care

  1. Yes, this article was very helpful. I wish I could meal delivery service in my area but, unfortunately, I am not able to. I am not sure why because, I do not live on the outside of city limits.

    I also agree to learn to cook for yourself. This has saved me time, money, and probably my health. I definitely use Pinterest from time to time. I love the recipes that are shared on the platform. I also love using all kinds of fresh veggies.In fact, I have learned to grow a few of them. So, I guess that is even better.

    Thank you, for sharing this insightful article about the body and mind through self-care…

    1. Kisha, thank you very much for visiting my site, the kind words and comments. I am not sure why you wouldn’t be able to get meal delivery service in your area either. You may want to look into a more national service like Amazon to see if you can have meals delivered that way. It’s great you have learned to cook yourself at home. It really is the most nutritional and healthy way to eat. Using platforms like Pinterest is good. Please feel free to use some of the videos I’ve posted on my site as well. There are some great recipes and even meal prepping videos that may save you time in the kitchen. It sounds like you are well on your way to living a healthy life by eating correctly and that is awesome. Once again, thank you for stopping by. Please visit again soon.

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