Be A Healthy Weight Role Model Through Healthy Cooking & Positivity

During this time of your life, you may find yourself part of the “sandwich generation” where while taking care of your aging parents, also still supporting your children. This can be a difficult journey since you may find yourself pulled in different directions because your parents may have very different needs than your children. However, one thing that is very common and important with all generations is eating healthy. By providing the nutritional needs for your generational family, the best way to provide proper nutrition is through healthy cooking. Even though you may be “sandwiched”, one thing to remember is taking good care of yourself. If you do that and maintain proper weight, you in essence, will be your family’s healthy weight role model through healthy cooking and positivity. All eyes will be on you – no pressure though!

Especially if you have teenagers, you know this is the time they begin to explore their surroundings and want to discover new things in their world. It is during this time you serve as a guide who can show and explain everything. If you have a close relationship, it is a great time to become even closer by experiencing new and exciting things with them.

My daughter was a teenager when I turned 50. Therefore, I know all the emotions teenagers experience.  As a menopausal woman, I know exactly what it means to manage hormonal imbalance.

If you are experiencing menopause, remember, teenagers are dealing with a similar issue as their bodies grow and produce more hormones. For many teens, it’s a roller coaster of emotions, with highs and lows, including many mood swings. Sounds familiar, right? So, of course, you can play a significant role in helping your teen understand their emotions better and assist them to accept these unfamiliar bodily changes.

You can help your teen understand their emotions
This may be a very confusing time for teens and the world around them may influence their feelings. Keeping that in mind, many teens may direct their hormonal anger at their own body, feeling that it is inadequate.

Because of these hormonal imbalances, one major thing they may experience is weight gain, which can be an extremely stressful experience for them. But with your help, they can learn to control their weight and stay healthy. One way to do this is by teaching them the importance of exercise and healthy eating.

Showing your teen understanding will help them get through difficult timesThere may be a time when your teenager needs a role model to help them navigate through the challenges of puberty. Teens experience life through many different challenges and some are worse than others. Going back to the weight gain discussed earlier, one thing that can occur is an eating disorder. The majority of eating disorders begin during the teens and can develop well into adulthood. As a parent, it is your responsibility to help your teen deal with this difficult period of life and to encourage them to adopt healthy eating habits over harmful eating routines. By you showing them health awareness, positivity, and understanding will help your teen get through difficult times.

As a parent, you may be already aware your children learn through watching and mimicking you. As it’s an unconscious learning process, your children will copy negative as well as positive behavior. This mimicking will most likely following them into their teens and beyond. If you find yourself struggling with self-esteem issues about your body, you may pass on the negativity to your child, causing anxiety and panic about their body.

If you find your teen is struggling in this area, you can find help through an effective teen panic disorder treatment. However, try to encourage your child to develop a positive body image while they are young and keep in mind if you feel good about yourself, your child will see that as well.

Many teens can fall into the trap of eating disorders because they are having difficulty dealing with their bodily adjustments. Unfortunately, these eating disorders can go unnoticed for a very long time, especially if the family doesn’t spend quality time by having meals together.

Establish healthy cooking habits with your family

One way to encourage healthy eating and weight control is by limiting processed foods.  That’s precisely why it’s so important to establish healthy cooking habits with your family at an early age.

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During this time of our lives, many of us may be a part of the “sandwich generation” where we are taking care of aging parents as well as supporting our children. It may be a difficult time for us, but one thing is important across generations – eating healthy. Therefore, it is important to teach children when they are young about the significance of healthy eating habits. Also remember much of their eating habits can be developed through watching you. As your children grow into teenagers, their bodies will change and start to develop differently. This is where you can start to turn into a role model for them as well as help them understand those changes. If they understand how healthy eating has helped you lose and/or maintain your weight, they will be more likely to develop healthy eating routines as well. Make a difference by showing your teen that weight management and health go hand-in-hand – through healthy cooking and positivity.

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