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Hop on to your social media account right now and you’ll see a celebrity endorsing the latest in the way of miracle detox cleanse cure-alls. These drinks, they claim, will make you thin, boost your energy levels and give you the kind of sparkling skin and hair that you’ve always dreamed about. Before embarking on any kind of fad diet, it’s best to keep some things in mind. First of all talking with your healthcare professional is a great start. Keep reading below to find additional ways for becoming a healthier you.

While we know that these claims are mostly false, it can be so tempting to sign up for the latest fad diet and the latest detox course, despite the fact that we know we’ll be left hungry and disappointed when the pounds pile back on.

And yet we still sign up, in the thousands every year, why? Because we want to see results, FAST. But we all know deep down this won’t work. Therefore, instead we look at some steps you can take for, yes slower, but a more sustainable approach to an all-round healthier you. It’s important to do some homework to find out what programs are best for you.

> Get in shape mentally
Ditch the unrealistic, unsustainable goals around weight loss and your body image. A life spent worrying about losing a few pounds here and there is a life wasted, instead try and focus out on to the bigger picture. What would really help you feel better about yourself? Sure, if losing some weight is part of that, then do some research around diets but perhaps feeling more active, moving a little more, taking up a sport or activity that improves your social life would be just as beneficial.

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> Think long term
Not all diets are created equal and while something like Keto might be just what you were looking for as a way of cutting out carbs, for a lot of people that just won’t work in the long term. Instead take some time to read around the experts on lifestyle and health blogs to figure out what might work better for you. Read about people’s experiences of Paleo or a review of Noom to discover all the ins and outs of that particular regime.

> Take small steps
Healthy mealChange should come gradually when it comes to your diet and your lifestyle. Small improvements that are long term and sustainable are far better investments into your health, than grand gestures that you ultimately give up on after just a few weeks. They only work in helping you lose confidence and motivation and can trigger a vicious cycle of over eating and heading straight back on to a fad diet again.

Instead think of yourself and your body as an investment – something to build and nurture for a happier, healthier future. Make deposits into your lifestyle that pay off both now and long into the future and form habits that are just that, habits rather than tasks that feel both arduous and unnecessary.

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Becoming a healthier you starts with taking small steps. Move a little more, eat a little fresher and your diet mentality will fade away and instead be replaced with a lifestyle of great choices, movement, more energy and self-confidence. An investment, we are sure we can all agree on, that really pays off to become a healthier you.

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