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How to Stay Young and Fit

You are the age you feel. It’s an age old adage that is increasingly apt as we get closer and closer to… old age. All our lives we’ve been conditioned that people (especially women) of a certain age should look, act and behave a certain way. We should resign ourselves to living our our lives as something lesser and make way for the younger generation who have inherited this world…
Wait! What??! Nothing could be further from the truth! Keep reading for way to stay young and fit. Continue reading “How to Stay Young and Fit”

The Importance of Taking Care of Your Health

I get it, we are all striving to have that healthy lifestyle. The one where we feel incredible, look good, and are generally living our best lives. It isn’t easy to achieve, and many of us can fall off the wagon from time to time. But the great thing about your general health is that taking care of our bodies overall, means slip ups like occasional bad meals or neglecting our exercise regime can easily be rectified. Keep reading to find out about the importance of taking care of your health. Continue reading “The Importance of Taking Care of Your Health”

Yes You Can Enjoy The Sun…But Here Is How To Protect Yourself

Protect Yourself in the Sun

Summer is springing upon us and with that comes the promise of decent weather.  You may decide to get your bike out and take it for a spin or get your steps in by walking. This is the time we get to spend
more time outdoors enjoying the sun and also spending time with our friends and family. Continue reading “Yes You Can Enjoy The Sun…But Here Is How To Protect Yourself”

What Is An All Natural Menopause Treatment?

When looking at menopause and weight loss overall, it can be upsetting and depressing as stated in my article, “Weight Loss and Menopause“.  Menopause is a stage in life dreaded by many women across the world. Therefore, you are not alone. However, Continue reading “What Is An All Natural Menopause Treatment?”

Gaining Muscle After 50

How many times have you heard about the importance of increasing muscle? As we age, we start to lose muscle mass. Therefore gaining muscle after 50 is extremely important. Why? For several reasons. Healthy muscles can not only relieve pain, but improve your overall life because you will be able to do the simplest everyday tasks with much more ease. Also, you decrease your risk of developing osteoporosis.

If you want to gain muscle, both resistance training and proper nutrition Continue reading “Gaining Muscle After 50”

The Best Ways to Lose Weight Over 50…You May Be Surprised

The Best Ways to Lose Weight Over 50
As we all know, our bodies change as we age. There are several things going on with our bodies and we need to keep a few things in mind if we want to see Continue reading “The Best Ways to Lose Weight Over 50…You May Be Surprised”

How To Be Patient With Weight Loss

How many times have you felt you did a great job of eating, drank the necessary amounts of water, got the sleep you needed, then stepped on the scale just to find out you GAINED weight? What do you do at that point? Do you get frustrated and quit? Do you give up by going to the fridge to start eating Continue reading “How To Be Patient With Weight Loss”