Diet and Anxiety

Have you ever thought about diet and anxiety having a connection? Well there actually is a connection between the two.  Why is this so important? Because according to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) 18.1 percent of adults suffer from anxiety disorders in the United States. That equates to 40 million adults – ranging from 18 – 54.  There are even studies that point to foods we can eat to reduce anxiety. Let’s take a closer look at diet and anxiety.

While there are so many people suffering from anxiety disorders, only a third of them seek treatment. Therefore, looking at your diet is a great way to start the combat of anxiety. There are several things you can do to reduce anxiety when it comes to food consumption. To start here are a few:
> Eat a healthy and balanced diet
> Stay hydrated with water
> Limited and avoiding alcohol and caffeine
> Don’t skip meals
> Maintain blood sugar levels (by consuming more complex carbohydrates)
> Skip the processed foods

Eat a healthy and balanced diet

According to the article “Nutritional Strategies to Ease Anxiety” there are certain foods you can consume that will help anxiety. See the list below:
> Foods high in magnesium:
– leafy greens (spinach and Swiss chard)
– nuts
– legumes
– seeds
– whole grains

> Foods rich in zinc:
– oysters
– cashews
– liver
– beef
– egg yolks


In case your mood gets the better of you every now and then, or you get anxious, you may want to think about your lifestyle and diet before you seek medical treatments. In addition to your diet, there are other easy fixes that will make a huge difference in your life. Find out more below:

1. Seek Treatment for Hormonal Imbalance
As you know, we can suffer from hormonal imbalance. You may experience mood swings every now and then, or have those days you don’t feel strong enough to get out of the house. If this condition worsens, you should seek medical attention to see if your body is missing some important hormones. Seeking attention from a top gynaecologist can certainly help you diagnose this type of issue.

2. Check Your Vitamin Levels
Your vitamin deficiency might also be a contributing factor of your depression and anxiety. If you have any type of autoimmune condition, you might have a low Vitamin D level, even though you try to get the natural vitamin by spending time outside. Consider getting a blood test to check your vitamin levels. Also consume foods to help you overcome anxiety and live your life to the fullest again.

You may experience side effects from medication

3. Be Aware of Medication Side Effects
If you are taking regular medication to manage your health, you may be experiencing side effects. If your anxiety started after beginning new medication, consider talking with your doctor to find out if there are alternative treatments.

4. Don’t Isolate Yourself
Be aware if you are isolating yourself from society. Isolating yourself may not be a good thing to do so it is important you find a group for people who are happy to accept you as you are and socialize. Maybe finding some work – even if it is part time – or volunteering can make a huge difference in life. It may give you a purpose and improve your self-esteem and self-worth. No matter how old we are, self-esteem can affect us.

It's great to get fresh air and exercise
5. Get Fresh Air and Exercise
Sitting in the house all day and staring at the four walls can be depressing in itself. Having a regular schedule to do some exercise or even just sit in the garden reading a book, expanding your lungs. Even if you get some fresh air or exercise for just a few minutes a day to start and then work your way up from there, eyou can get healthier and feel better about yourself.

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Whether your anxiety is something you just started to experience or have lived with for a long time, it is important that you find out the reason behind your anxiety. Try these changes to see if it makes a difference in your life. If you don’t find these are helping, then seek medical treatment with a health care professional.

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