Does Lack of Sleep Affect Weight?

We all know that sleep has a significant impact on our happiness but can it affect our weight as well? Yes, in fact it can. When you don’t get enough sleep, your body creates higher levels of cortisol, which is a stress hormone that increases your appetite. When your appetite increases, that’s when problems occur. Why? Because that is when we start to reach for those high-sugar, high-carb foods instead of making healthy choices. That is, in fact, how lack of sleep affects weight.

Weight is not the only thing affected by lack of sleep. Sleep is such fantastic therapy that it isn’t unusual to wake up and wonder what you were upset about in the first place. That’s why when we are upset, we should “sleep on it”.

As much as sleep can wipe the slate clean, feeling tired all the time can affect your mood and, no one wants that. Yet, a shocking amount of us can’t shake the need for sleep, no matter how much time we spend in bed. For obvious reasons, that can start to take its toll over time.

If this sounds all too familiar to you, it’s time to take action.

While you may not realize it, continued fatigue often has a medical condition attached to it. The list of conditions which cause this symptom is endless, and there’s no way we can look at them all here. But, we’re going to take a brief look at a few of the main offenders. If any of these sound familiar to you, don’t hesitate to seek medical assistance as soon as possible.

1. Deficiencies

Various deficiencies can cause fatigue. This is when your body is not getting what it needs, therefore, unable to produce the right amount of energy levels. Iron is normally top of this list, but there are many others, too, including B vitamins and magnesium.

When your body is deficient in these vitamins and minerals, certain symptoms can occur. Some of these symptoms include brittle nails, and skin conditions. Depending on the severity of these symptoms, you may need to seek professional help. But it is very important to focus on creating a balanced diet which ensures you get the proper vitamins and minerals in your diet.

2. Thyroid problems

Thyroid problems get an undeniable bad reputation from ill-informed individuals. However, rest easy that conditions like these can be reversed.

One of the main symptoms of thyroid conditions is fatigue. Other symptoms include constipation, headaches, and cold intolerance. If you suspect this is your issue, make sure to seek the help of thyroid specialists as soon as you can. Treatment here could make a huge difference with your body.

3. Depression
As well as our mental health suffering when we don’t sleep enough, issues like depression can lead to increased fatigue. While studies are varied, it’s thought depression can be a result of increased stress on the brain. Other symptoms include low mood, loss of appetite, and feelings of despair. Again, seeking medical attention is crucial. While it isn’t easy to talk about feelings like these, the situation will only worsen the longer it goes on and if you do not seek medical attention.

4. Dehydration
It’d be fair to say that dehydration is one of the leading medical causes of fatigue. This is because, when dehydrated, your body has to work much harder to pump blood to your brain and heart. Yet, a shocking amount of us don’t drink the recommended 2 liters of water a day.

Other symptoms include lethargy, confusion, and headaches. Curing this issue is as simple as increasing your water intake.

To assist with your water intake, try some flavor infused water to give some excitement to your daily water consumption.

5. Are You Sleep Deprived?
You may be sleep deprived if you have the following:

– Moodiness / irritability
–  Weakened immune system
– Fatigued and lack of motivation
– Reduced creativity and problem-solving skills
–  Inability to cope with stress

As you can see, lack of sleep can affect many functions that involve your daily life. So, it’s time to rethink your sleep schedule so you can get back on the ball!

According to the  National sleep foundation, below is a chart of average sleep needs by age. As you review this chart, ask yourself one question – are you getting enough sleep?

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Not getting enough sleep can affect many bodily functions including weight loss. Lack of sleep affects so many bodily functions – not only your mental and physical health – but also your productivity, immune system, emotional balance, brain and heart health.

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