Get Back On Your Bike And Ride

If you’ve ever ridden a bike, it’s likely that your earliest and most precious memories of this wonderful past time were forged in childhood. Who among us doesn’t treasure their memories of zipping along the bike paths of our neighborhoods with our friends. Back then we didn’t care about how it was a great way to tone up legs, tummies and glutes or that it was a great cardiovascular activity for blitzing belly fat or that it was a carbon neutral and environmentally friendly way to get to work. All we cared about was that it was just so much fun! Reading this article will give you plenty of reasons to get back on your bike and ride!


Unfortunately, many of us haven’t sat upon the seat of a bike for many years. Some of us won’t even consider getting on a bike. This is a real shame because you’re pretty much never too old to enjoy the physical and psychological benefits of riding cycling. Cycling is great for the mind, body and soul and life shouldn’t be allowed to knock you off your bike. If any of the following have put you off cycling, it’s time to break the… well… cycle!

There are several benefits to cycling including:

By cycling, you’ll have an infinitely more pleasurable journey> Convenience
At first, the prospect of using your bike to get around may seem terribly inconvenient. Especially if you’ve become reliant on your car. While it may take a few extra moments to put on your helmet, wheel out your bike and hit the road, the path of the cyclist is infinitely more rewarding than that of the driver. It might take you a little longer to get where you’re going but you’ll have an infinitely more pleasurable journey, not to mention the health benefits, which is our next topic.

> Health Benefits
In only two to four hours per week of cycling, you can improve your health. Cycling is low impact, a good muscle workout, easy, good for strength and stamina, and time-efficient. Some of the health benefits include:

– Decreased body fat levels
– Strengthened bones
– Decreased stress levels
– Increased cardio fitness
– Increased muscle strength
– Improved joint mobility
– Improved posture
– Prevention or management of disease

Did you know?
According to “Cycling – Health Benefits” cycling can help protect you from health issues such as depression, stroke, heart attacks, obesity, diabetes, and arthritis. 

> Expense
Cycling is just like anything else. If you want to spend a fortune, it’s easy to do so, but it’s also easy to be thrifty. A used bike off Craigslist will reignite your love of cycling every bit as much as one which cost you $1000!

When purchasing a bike, there are certain things to consider like the correct size of the bike and safety. Always remember to wear a helmet when biking. Watch the video below for more information:

Even though there are several health benefits, there are some reasons people may decide to stay off a bike such as:

> Lack of practice
It’s true what they say, you know – you really never do forget how to ride a bike. Even if you haven’t put foot to pedal since Wham! Topped the charts, that’s no reason to deprive yourself of this wonderful activity. Sure, you may be a little wobbly at first, but as long as you’re wearing your helmet and choosing somewhere safe to get back on the horse, you’ll be astonished at how quickly that muscle memory comes back to you. Within just a couple of weeks, it’ll be as though you never got off your bike in all these years.

Riding a bike has many health advantages

> Previous accidents
There’s no denying that accidents can really give your confidence on your bike a knock.; They can make cycling a traumatic experience in which you relive the pain and fear of your accident over and over again or they can be just another obstacle that you’ve overcome. It’s entirely up to you! If you were knocked off your bike by a negligent road user, seeking justice may help your confidence.  Just how much a bicycle accident lawyer can help you get your confidence back, you can read at Don’t let someone else’s negligence or recklessness prohibit you from enjoying the pleasures of cycling.

Cycling certainly has many benefits. If there are things that have prevented you from riding, get back on your bike and ride!

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Cycling has many great health benefits. Just because you may not have been on a bike lately, it has several health benefits and therefore, you should get back on it. Consider the pros and cons of cycling, but realize the many benefits of riding and get back to cycling.

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  1. I totally agree with the post. Wow! It’s time to do it the old way irrespective of the barriers in order to reap the enormous benefits as you stated in your post. Thank you for the information.

    1. Thank you very much for visiting my site and for the comment. I am glad you liked the article. Yes, there are certainly many benefits to cycling – it helping issues such as depression, stroke, and heart attacks is amazing. It is a great way to exercise! Once again, thank you for visiting.

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