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While on the weight loss journey, it is sometimes hard to decide what to cook for you and your family. Don’t fret. This site will provide some great tips.  When trying to lose or maintaining your weight, it is important to watch what you eat when eating out – especially fast foods. Restaurant foods may add additional sugars, sodium, and sauces that can sabotage weight loss or maintenance. The best way to deal with that is to cook healthy at home. That way, you will know exactly what has been added to your food and either eliminate or modify sauces for healthy eating. Keep reading for healthy cooking information.

Congratulations on choosing to start cooking healthy! You have made a wise decision for your weight loss / maintenance journey. Just because you are eating healthy, it does not mean the taste of your meals will be compromised. Nothing could be further from the truth! There are many spices available to make healthy meals taste great. Remember the following things about healthy cooking:

1) Foods don’t have to be bland
Just because you have decided to start cooking healthy at home, it doesn’t mean your food has to be bland and have no flavor. There are all kinds of low sodium spices you can use. Some examples include:
– Ginger
– Ancho Chile PowderCooking With Favor is Wonderful
– Lime Zest
– Garlic
– Turmeric
– Rosemary
– Cumin
– Dill
– Tarragon
– Parsley
– Smoked Paprika

2) Cooking with fats is allowed
Don’t ban fats in your recipes. As long as you cook with the right fats, your meal will still be healthy. When cooking with fats, consider these choices:
– These oils are the best when it comes to cooking: extra-virgin olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, and peanut oil.
– When sautéing, use extra-virgin olive or coconut oil.
– Make your baked desserts more healthy by remembering this rule of thumb:
– When the recipe calls  for oil = use extra virgin olive oil
– When the recipe calls for shortening = use coconut oil or butter
– Use coconut or peanut oils when pan frying chicken or fish.
– To give your oven roasted vegetables a great flavor, use extra-virgin olive oil, lite salt and balsamic vinegar.
– Make your own homemade salad dressing with extra-virgin olive oil, lite salt, pepper, and balsamic vinegar.

3) Emphasize fresh fruits and vegetables
Use fruits and vegetables as the primary ingredients in healthy recipes. For great nutritional value, use colorful and green leafy vegetables in your recipes.  Do you have a sweet tooth? Instead of a sugary dessert, eat a piece of fruit.

Eat Fruit When You Have a Sweet Tooth

4) Whole foods instead of processed foods
Processed, fast foods are easy to give in to with juggling a busy schedule and trying to satisfy hunger on-the-go. It’s just easier to pull in to that fast-food drive-thru and order one of those combo meals. Before you do, go to my Weight Loss page to obtain a list of foods that are not good for you to consume when trying to watch your waistline.

5) It is not expensive to cook at home
While some people think it is very expensive to eat healthy at home, it really does not have to be expensive at all. By comparison, cooking at home is most times less expensive than when you eat fast-food. Take a look at this chart by Ted Kallmyer in Healthy Cooking 101:

Price Comparison

6) It is nutritionally balanced
When cooking and making your meals, make sure it consists of vegetables, protein and starch. When making the plate, it should have the largest percentage in vegetables, then proteins, and lastly starch.

7) All you need is basic equipment and skills
You don’t need to go out and purchase an expensive set of pots, pans and cutlery to start cooking healthy.  The basic items you need are a good knife, cutting board, a couple of non-stick pans and a few cooking utensils.

8) Healthy recipes are at your fingertips
There are so many ways to obtain recipes now. Many times you can get them on line in apps such as The Big Oven. You can also find hundreds of recipes on Pinterest, Facebook or right here on this site.

Healthy Eating

9) You will see an improvement in your health
There have been studies about the benefits of healthy eating and how it will greatly affect health. Illnesses like Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer have been affected just by people eating a more healthy diet. 

10) Let your creativity shine through
To be creative in the kitchen, consider mixing two or more of the spices mentioned in #1 together to make a nice rub for your meats. Don’t be afraid to add you own flair to your meals by substituting an ingredient in a dish.

Are you ready to get started with some healthy cooking? Get this upcoming year started off right! Click on the link below: 


What healthy cooking tips would you like to share? I would love to hear from you.


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2 thoughts on “Healthy Cooking Information

  1. Thank you for your post! It was very interesting to read. I thought that I naturally can’t gain weight because of my metabolism. After reading your page, I realize this is just my natural behavior – we cook at home, we buy “organic” products, we try to balance our diet and eat fresh fruits and vegetables, “grass-fed” meats, fish and sea products. It’s the way I ate while I grew up, and I try to keep this balance, which becomes harder and harder as our food gets damaged before it reaches shops. I heard that for keeping your weight under control, the last meal of the day should be before 6 p.m. Thanks again for the article, which confirms that in general, my habits are not bad at all. My magic word is “balance”. In small amounts, one can eat fats or sweets as long as there is moderation and overall diet is balanced.

    1. Thank you for visiting my site, Julia, and for the comments. You are definitely a healthy eater that we can all learn from. With you growing up eating healthy, you have developed those good eating habits. That coupled with you making sure you balance your meals, is definitely making a difference in your weight. You are correct that moderation is key once a balanced diet has been maintained. Keep up the great work! Once again, thank you for visiting my site and continue on with your healthy lifestyle.

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