Healthy Meal Prepping Recipes (Videos)

Are you someone constantly on the go? Are your mornings particularly busy? If you are someone trying to eat healthy for weight loss, meal prepping is for you. Many people these days, plan meals ahead of time for weight loss because it is a way to eat healthy during the week and spend less time in the kitchen. You can meal prep breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Because these meals are prepared ahead of time, you can simply warm them up in the microwave to heat them up.

For more information about meal prep, visit my page “Meal Prep For Weight Loss”.  Are you looking for food prep meal recipes? Watch the below videos for ideas and instructions for healthy meal prepping recipes:






If you have gotten good at meal prepping and want to prep for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for the entire week, watch the below video:

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To make things simpler, it is best to be prepared with what you need for easier food prepping. Below is a list of some items you will need.

1. Meal prep containers – It is best to purchase these containers because they are:
– BPA free
– easily stackable
– dishwasher safe
– microwave safe

Enther Meal Prep Containers
1 Compartment Enther Meal Prep Containers (20 pack)


3 Compartment Home Store Pro Food Storage Containers (10 pack)
3 Compartment – Home Store Pro Food Storage Containers (10 pack)


2. Mason Jars – Breakfast can be meal prepped as well. Use Mason jars for an easy way to get organized.

Ball Mason Pint Jars (12 pack)
Ball Mason Pint Jars (12 pack)

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  1. Hello Yvette,
    I enjoyed the read and videos on Healthy Meal Prepping Recipes. The information is very informative and helpful. I really like the videos considering they give actual visuals of to prepare the meals. Great information. I look forward to seeing what you will post next.

    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you for visiting my site and for the comments, Deborah. I am happy you found the information to be helpful and informative. I will be posting more healthy recipes and tips for meal prepping. Please feel free to visit my Breakfast Meal Prepping page for more videos . Please come back and visit soon.

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