Hip Hop Abs Ultimate Ab Sculpting System

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Hip Hop Abs - The Ultimate Ab Sculpting System
Hip Hop Abs – The Ultimate Ab Sculpting System

PRICE: $39.99

These fitness DVDs are used right in the comfort of home. Using a variety of dance moves that are created to tighten abdominals, it is a fun way to get moving. The Ultimate Ab Sculpting System includes three DVDs, all incorporating bonus tracks. What is nice about this set is it also includes additional materials:

1) Step-by-Step Nutrition Guide
2) Best and Worst Menu Choices At Fast Food Restaurants Guide
3) Get Started Success Guidebook
4) 6-Day Slimdown Guide
5) 1-month Workout Calendar
6) Measurement Tracker
7) Tape Measure
8) Deluxe Package – 2 month Workout Calendar

Shaun T. really brings out his hip hop side with the Hip Hop Abs series. His method of “Tilt, Tuck, Tighten” is what sculpts the abs throughout each workout. This workout series definitely gives your gut the burn needed to sculpt and definitely gets your heart rate up.

He brings his crew with him as he goes through all the DVDs and there is always one person right there to give you the modified movements if you need it. Throughout this series, you will have a variety of exercises to work on not just your abs, but your entire body:

Flat Abs (approx. 15 minutes)  Using his “Tilt, Tuck, Tighten” method, you will be using your upper, middle, and lower abs and obliques.

Fat-Burning Cardio (approx. 30 minutes) – Upbeat party music will keep you moving during this cardio workout.

Ab Sculpt (approx. 25 minutes) – During this workout, no floor ab work here. You will learn standing ab and core workouts only.

Total Body Burn (approx. 45 minutes) – This combination cardio / total body workout is from head-t0-toe.

Hips, Buns, and Thighs (approx. 25 minutes) –  Using fun dance moves, this workout is fun to do for your lower body areas.

Last Minute Abs(approx. 5 minutes) – An effective but short routine will give your abs a workout.

Last Minute Buns (approx. 5 minutes) – Need to workout, but don’t have a lot time? Shaun T. will give your buns a short but effective workout.

THE PROS:Thumbs-up-yes
There are a wide variety of DVDs to choose from within the Hip Hop Abs collection. Since this is an at home way of exercising, it is very convenient to use any time of the day and no need to worry about inclement weather. There are varying degrees of levels. Therefore, users can work at their own level of comfort.  If any of the workouts seem they are too intense, there is always someone to follow who is conducting  a modified version of the same movements. There are several workouts available in this Hip Hop Abs Ultimate Ab Sculpting System for your entire body.

THE CONS:Thumbs-down-no
If someone doesn’t feel they are a good dancer, this type of workout may feel intimidating. Especially if trying to get the steps memorized. On the other side, it may not be intense enough for someone who has completed other Shaun T. workouts like Insanity.

Anyone who enjoys moving and grooving to music, or who likes to dance will enjoy this workout series. The instructor provides step by step instruction for each move along with a modified version of each.

I would definitely recommend the Hip Hop Abs Ultimate Ab Sculpting System. It is a convenient and fun workout. The instructor provides up-beat workout music in each of his DVDs and has someone you may follow in a modified version in some of his workouts. Whatever fitness level, a lower and higher intensity option is available. Whatever workout is chosen,  this series really gets anyone moving.


2 thoughts on “Hip Hop Abs Ultimate Ab Sculpting System

  1. I have been working out in the comfort of home for a long time and find these videos are full of fun and effective exercises for my whole body! Dancing has been a different way to exercise but I enjoy it. The energy Shaun T. has is very motivating. I have a friend who would love this DVD, so I am going to purchase this for her. Thank you for this information.

    1. Thank you very much for your comments and visiting my page, Aundrea. Yes, Shaun T. really does have a great way of motivating his audience and I enjoy him as well. It is wonderful that you incorporate these in-home fitness plans into your life. That is awesome and I am sure your friend is going to enjoy this gift. It sounds like you will have someone to enjoy your fitness journey with you. Please come back to visit my site again.

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