How To Exercise Outdoors – The Smart Way

While exercising outdoors provides a refreshing alternative to
the gym, it can have its downsides. Exercising out in the sun gives you plenty of fresh air and vitamin D, but there are some issues that can make exercising outdoors very difficult for some. If you are going to be in the sunshine, read this website’s article “Yes, You Can Enjoy The Sun, But Here is How to Protect Yourself“. Whether you are biking, running, walking, playing tennis, or just having fun, you still need to protect yourself while in the sun. So, are there things you need to think about before you get off the stationery bike or treadmill and onto the pavement? Yes!

Read the below information on how to exercise outdoors the smart way.

If you are someone who likes to get on your bike and see where the roads take you or run around the city, there are a few things you need to consider. Getting lost might not be something you’d think about, but if you like to explore unfamiliar territories, it’s best for you to know exactly where you are going. It’s never been easier with Google Maps, but that doesn’t mean you should head out without an idea of where you want to go.

Make sure you know the area before taking off - especially by yourself

Make sure you know the area for safety before taking off – especially by yourself. Many times people like to exercise while on vacation. If walking, bike riding or running, being familiar with areas that you are going to be in by yourself is extremely important. Do yourself a favor and research unknown areas by asking hotel staff.

If you like to cycle in city areas, be careful when in trafficAnother factor to consider if you like exercising on your bike, is traffic.  If you like to cycle in high traffic areas, you might find yourself the victim of a distracted driver. If so, lawyers like Abels & Annes can assist but it’s much more beneficial for you to be aware of these external factors before heading out. Maybe consider biking during a time when traffic volume is lower in the area.  In addition to the volume of traffic, consider your exposure to pollutants in the air. Definitely riding during high traffic times will increase your exposure to pollutants from vehicles. If you are in an area that has high pollution, consider wearing a mask to filter the air. If you are keen on taking advantage of nice weather, then it’s best to make sure you know the external factors that impact your ability to exercise on busy roads.

When exercising outside, dress appropriately. In the heat, you need to wear light clothing. If you are in the cold, dress so that you do not suffer from things such as frostbite. Be aware of the climate you are in and how to dress for your protection.

Taking advantage of the summer months means exercising in hot temperatures, and while your gym might not have air conditioning, exercising outdoors might seem like a better option. Before heading out, you need to check how hot it actually is. It could be too hot for you to be outside, especially if you plan on embarking on something like a Tabata sprint. On top of this, heat exhaustion and sunburn can make you feel a lot worse.

One way around this is to schedule your workout for early in the morning. But pay attention to your body, if everything feels too difficult, take it easy. Staying hydrated is also a key factor. So keep your water bottle with you.

We all want to push it when we exercise, but you must be careful not to overdo it. When your’re outdoors, you have elements to contend with such as the heat. If you are looking into intense exercise outdoors, it may take a few minutes to get used to it. So start out slowly and build up to it. There is nothing wrong with taking a break. It’s a judgment call, so judge wisely to protect yourself.

Be careful of over exerting yourself when exercising outdoors

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When you’re exercising outdoors, it’s not just the workout itself that you have to contend with, but the elements. There are so many different concerns when exercising outdoors, and if you feel that you need to make a change to your workout, heading outside is a great option. But, depending on your own specific needs, exercising outdoors isn’t always all that. You might be better off staying in the comfort of your gym. Be careful and stay safe.

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