How to Get In Shape for the New Year

As the end of the year approaches and we start to think about our resolutions, the most common thing that we as a people look to address is our health. Whether that is weight loss, fitness or just general lifestyle improvements, top of our list is the idea that we should try to get healthier. With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some of the ways that we can approach improving our minds and bodies, so that at the end of next year, we can be confident that we have made the necessary improvements needed. Keep reading below for tips on how to get in shape for the new year.

Visit your doctor1. General Health
Looking after yourself doesn’t just mean eating an apple a day or going for a brisk walk every other day – although they are good places to start. Your health should be looked at as a whole rather than just singular parts of your makeup. Let’s first discuss some of the professionals you should see and the checks it is worth doing.

An early visit to your doctor is a good way to start any year. You can request a general checkup to look at your blood pressure, cholesterol and your blood work in general. You can also discuss any health-related concerns with your doctor. Are you at a healthy weight? Is your BMI (body mass index) where it should be? The reason this is a good place to start is that you will quickly find out any underlying issues that you were not aware of, and be given information that will help you when it comes to the exercise part of your year. As we all know, different people require different things. A health check from your local doctor will tell you what you need or if where you are currently is a healthy level for you. Whatever you and your doctor decide, make sure you follow his or her advice.

Along with a visit to your medical doctor, you should also book your checkup with your dentist. We all know that we are supposed to go at least every six months for check-ups.  However, dental services tend to fall by the wayside for a lot of us and we only see the dentist when we are in pain.

The importance of teeth and gum health should not be underestimated or overlooked. If periodontal or gingivitis is caught in the early stages, it can be more easily managed. If it progresses, and your teeth lose bone support, being able to treat the disease is difficult and you may end up having to have teeth extracted. The way to prevent this is to have regular dental visits, brush twice daily with a fluoride toothpaste and floss regularly. Making sure your teeth and gums are in tip-top shape is vital to your health.

2. Mental Health
While we all tend to focus on the body with our visits to doctors, one thing we should all take better care of is our minds. The pressures of  life are not something that should be ignored.  Therefore, making changes to your life to improve your mental wellbeing, or speaking to someone, if required, should be high on the list for your health.

3. Habits
Create a sleeping routine to make sure you are getting enough rest is a great habit to create. Since we are on the topic of habits, how about getting rid of some bad ones? Make a serious attempt to reduce smoking and alcohol. Dry January has become a popular month for alcohol detox. If you partake in Dry January, ask yourself if you can use it to catapult yourself into quitting forever.  Stopping immediately works for some people, but it’s not for everyone.  Talk with your healthcare professional and find a strategy that works best for you. Once you find that strategy,  try to stick with it.

92% of New Years resolutions fail by January 15th. Don’t be a part of that statistic. Fight hard and push through it.

4. Fitness
Getting fit is usually one of the biggest New Years resolutions. Put it in your mind that this year is the year you are going to be getting yourself healthy. Your focus shouldn’t just be to sign up to the gym for a month, but to make positive changes in your life forever starting with diet and exercise.

Once you have spoken to your doctor, you should have an idea about your general health, using the information they have given you to make a fitness plan is a good start.  After speaking with your healthcare professional, your cholesterol levels and blood pressure will dictate any changes you might need to make with your diet, but it shouldn’t stop there. It isn’t about getting older, it’s about feeling great – forever.

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The new year is right around the corner. It’s a great time to make a new year’s resolution, keeping some things in mind to get in shape. Get check ups from your doctor and dentist; decide you are going to get more rest and quit some old habits like drinking and smoking, and step up your fitness game. Make sure you keep it moving! It doesn’t matter if you’re a runner or a stay at home yoga fan. Just as long as you are getting your body moving, you’ll feel the benefits overall.

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2 thoughts on “How to Get In Shape for the New Year

  1. Making a New Year’s resolution is easy, but keeping it going throughout the year is very hard. I find that taking small steps in the beginning is easier and moving on from there. For instance, I gave up drinking soda 4 years ago, and really do not miss it. It is a mind set to do better for your health by finding alternatives if you want something sweet, go for a stroll and build up your time by just walking everyday, and just be mobile as much as possible during the day, you will sleep better. These are some of the things that I have tried and has worked. The goal is to pay attention to your mind and body in order to stay healthy.

    1. Edie, thank you so much for stopping by and for the comments. You are absolutely correct when it comes to taking small steps. When making New Year’s goals, it may be a good idea to try to find someone else to get on the journey with you. That is what I am doing this upcoming year. Having someone on the journey with you will certainly help keep your goals on track so you don’t fall into the very high percentage of people who fail at their goals by Jan. 15. That’s great you gave up soda so long ago! Keep up the great work! I am definitely a fan of walking and know from experience that it can / does help you lose weight. It sounds like you are doing a great job in your journey. Keep it up! Thanks again for stopping by.

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