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After reading this article, I truly understand what self-care is and more importantly, why we should have it as a part of our daily routine.  We can sometimes get so caught up in our daily routines, we sometimes forget about being good to ourselves by doing the most important things in life related to our health.  Self-care is so much more than pampering ourselves.

Read this fascinating article so you, too, will truly understand what self-care is all about and why it’s so very important in your life.


Guest Post – Brad Krause

We often think of self-care as indulgence, like pampering yourself or ordering a fancy latte. Pampering yourself on occasion is great, but self-care is more than little indulgences. It’s about doing things on a daily basis to put yourself first. When you look at self-care not as indulgence but as a way of life, it’s easier to make these simple, but often overlooked, practices part of your everyday life. So keep reading below for tips to master the art of self-care.

Refreshing drinking waterDON’T OVERLOOK THE BASICS
Before doing anything else, ask yourself if your basic needs are being met. This sounds so simple, but in the hustle and bustle of life, many of us aren’t eating right, drinking enough water, or sleeping well. Look at your diet and how you feel overall. An article for U.S. News cautions us about doing self-care “wrong.” For example, if you look at self-care as giving yourself permission to eat whatever you want, that indulgence may make you feel bloated and sluggish, leaving you feeling worse than before. Instead, focus on eating and drinking to nourish yourself.

It’s also important to be educated about sources that can cause your body to be out of balance, including gut health. Gut health impacts your overall well-being, so you want to know how it works and whether there are supplements or foods (either that you add or need to eliminate from your diet) that would help your digestive system work better. For example, the bacterium akkermansia is essential for maintaining a healthy metabolism. Another one to know is bifidobacteria, which are crucial to keeping the microbiome of your gut in balance. Making sure these gut flora are present in the right amounts can help ward off physical and mental health symptoms that keep you from feeling your best.

Another basic but essential practice for self-care is sleep. Not getting enough sleep is linked to a whole host of health problems, so it truly is the foundation upon which the rest of our health is based. If you struggle with sleep, start by addressing this issue as your number one self-care strategy.

A woman meditating

Along with healthy eating and sleep, be sure to do things that make your body and mind feel good – every single day. Of course, yoga is a great option, but you may be surprised by the benefits of trying something new too. One trainer tells Daily Burn how they find meditation through dance. Self-care doesn’t always have to be something that is low-key and calming. Doing something upbeat that makes you feel happy releases endorphins, which aids in relaxation.

Take a few minutes to nourish your soul every day too. Whether that’s time spent in meditation or prayer, or doing an act of kindness for someone, caring for your spirit keeps your mind and body in balance.

Stress is a fact of life, and what matters most is how you respond to it. Psychology Today explains how fear, anxiety, and stress can create a harmful loop, with each affecting the others and making them worse. To break this cycle, you need to be able to recognize when your stress is rising, and then work on calming your mind. Along with all of your other self-care practices, it can also help to use strategies to intentionally lower stress, such as visualization.

Unplug digitally

There are times in life when we simply need to take a break. For many of us, that means we need to practice saying no to doing things that don’t serve us. If saying no is something you struggle with, The Blissful Mind recommends some great strategies that make it easier. You also need to take a digital break from time to time. Find times when you can put your digital devices away and disconnect for awhile.

In such a fast-paced world, we often spend so much time going and doing that we have little time left for just being. When you stop for a minute, you may notice that you aren’t being your best self. To truly be your best, both physically and mentally, make simple self-care part of your everyday routine

About the author, Brad Krause
I left the corporate world to help promote the simple notion of self-care. I’m doing so through my writing and consulting. It is my goal to help you be the best you that you can be.

After spending far too long neglecting my own self-care, I became a full-time life coach. I spend just about every waking hour helping people find ways to put their wellness above all else. I hope SelfCaring will help you do the same!

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