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What is Mindfulness Eating and What Are the Benefits?
After reading this very enlightening article by Ariel Harris, I truly understand the meaning of mindfulness eating and just how much we reap the benefits of it. She explains we should look at not only what we consume, but how we consume our food. Understanding that savoring, honoring and respecting our food to the fullest and “feeling grateful for the work someone put into giving its seed life” is important.

What are the benefits? One benefit is there is less chance of gaining weight. Why? Because we are not overeating by slowly savoring our food. This article includes additional weight-conscious benefits.

Read this fascinating article so that you, too, can be enlightened about mindfulness eating and how your weight can be positively affected by it.



Guest Post – Ariel Harris

 Many years ago, I was at a meditation retreat. As the first session began, a bowl of tangerines was being passed around. In my head I am thinking, eating before meditating? Hmmm. But since we all came as students, each one of us dutifully took a piece of fruit.

I have to say though, there were wondering looks exchanged.

The teacher held the fruit in her hands, gazing at it lovingly. She said, how many of us think to honor and savor the food we eat? Mindfulness eating is what we will be doing.

Have we ever taken the time to realize how beautiful each piece of food is? Look at this tangerine. The shape is lovely. The color is vibrant. Now smell the fruit. What do you smell? What do you feel when you smell the fruit?

Really? Wow, taking a moment to look and honor our food. A novel thought. A thought filled with conscious choice to savor each morsel and moment. I was beginning to see there was a definite motive here. Was this a metaphor for our lives?

She asked us to start peeling the fruit. And she said, do this slowly. Do not be in a rush. As you peel back each piece of skin, see the exposed fruit. Examine how it looks; see all the veins and color.

What do you smell as you peel each piece of skin?

With each piece of skin that was peeled a lovely fragrance filled our space. It felt like a gift. The fragrance was so fresh and invigorating. And slowly after the tangerine was peeled, we looked at the whole piece of fruit. Honoring, its beauty and fragrance.

Have you ever tried something like this?

Slowly Enjoy Your Food
The next step, once the fruit was totally free of skin, we were told to just separate one single segment of the tangerine. A tiny segment. And slowly, we were instructed that when we put it in our mouths, we were not to chew.

Instead, let the piece sit for a moment in our mouths. Feel the sense of the fruit being there. And let the anticipation of the flavor about to explode in our mouths linger.

Finally we were given the go ahead to chew. And the most magical thing happened. Not only did the juice squirt all over my mouth but this heightened awareness of what this gorgeous fruit really tasted like made me want to giggle.

It was as if I tasted a tangerine for the very first time. You know that sensation of a first time encounter? Well this was so heavenly good.

It had energy and juice and a vitality, that I had not ever before taken the time to fully enjoy. How could that be? How did I spend my entire life up to this point, just gobbling my food without honoring or savoring it?

And that set me off on a journey of conscious living. If I was not savoring my food, it meant I was also not savoring my life.

Eating Mindfully


So what are the benefits of mindful eating with heightened consciousness? Everything.

  1. We eat slower.
  2. We savor each moment.
  3. We eat less, because we allow our brains to catch up with our senses.
  4. We find eating to be a more joyful expression of daily life.
  5. When we make the choice to eat in mindfulness, it also flows into all parts of our lives.
  6. We allow our digestion to ease.
  7. Eating mindfully paves the way to honor our food.
  8. Heightened consciousness means we are in a state of now, which means less stress and anxiety.
  9. There is less chance of gaining weight, because we are not overeating or eating absently.
  10. Eating mindfully means we are living in respect and gratitude.

Respect and Gratitude

So are we willing to try savoring our food and our lives?

Try this meditation and let me know how it works, in your world.

Find a comfortable place to sit.

Take a few breaths and release them.

Feel your body relax.

Close your eyes.

Now imagine you are sitting at a table and your favorite meal was just served.

You are delighted to see this food.

Before you can even pick up a fork, look deeply at the plate. What do you see?

Notice the colors, the way the food is arranged, the way you feel looking at the food.

Now slowly pick up your fork and take a small mouthful of food.

Imagine how the taste is filling your senses. Feel your body being happy at this moment.

This heightened awareness is how we want to live with our food and our daily lives.

So take a deep breath and soak in the deliciousness of the mouthful.

Savor the imagined taste.

Take another deep breath. And release. And take another breath.

Now move away from the position of being at the table.

Feel yourself standing, (if you can,) and remember the taste of the food.

This perceived joy is something you can always keep with you.

Release your breath. Open your eyes.

How do you feel?

Gratitude? Respectful? More mindful? Relaxed?

I really want to hear what your reaction has been.

 Your Reaction

In this moment we have learned the joy of mindful eating. It is the path to letting ourselves go forward in our growth of gratitude and joy.

In the below video, Thich Nhat Hahn is talking about mindful eating and he really shows the joy of mindfulness eating.

I am truly inspired by how he talks about that with each piece of food we can feel the sun, the rain, the work someone put into giving its seed life. How much more grateful could we be?

To me, mindful eating is the path to enhancing our conscious living by seeing our choices as a way to fundamentally uplift and make joy be our mainstay. For in this moment of savoring our food, we honor and respect the gift of the food. We honor the way it was grown. And we honor our bodies by not rushing the food into our systems. We are truly nourishing simultaneously our bodies and our hearts.

Honor and Respect

I wish you a great journey of mindfulness eating. It might seem a bit awkward at first. But once we truly accept how it will change our outlook, it will become second nature to us.

How do you see yourself participating in mindful eating? Is this something you might try?

I would really like to hear what your experiences are, and how it feels to eat in full mindfulness.

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In peace and gratitude,

Ariel Harris - Founder of Success-full-living.com - Mindfulness Eating Benefits



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Ariel Harris - Founder, Success-full-living.comAbout the Author, Ariel Harris

Hello, I am Ariel. After a long illness, I taught myself how to walk again. So here I am jumping into vibrancy. I am an artist, writer and believer in the positive, and a grandmother. My belief in the Yes We Can mindset, has opened the gates to living in possibility.

I live my life co-creating with the universe, rich in love, compassion, grace and consciousness. Knowing, that we are all connected and willing to be of service, is a source of great peace and joy.

I am the founder of two websites. Success-full-living.com and yeswecancreatewealth.com. I look forward to connecting with you.

P.S. While my own children are now grown and I am a grandmother, I have read a wonderful article Ariel Harris has collaborated with Lauren Kinghorn called “Food for the Body and Soul of our Kids – Conscious Eating”. I am sure you will find it just as amazing.

Please visit: https://inspiringmompreneurs.com/what-is-healthy-eating-for-kids to read this fascinating and inspiring article!

29 thoughts on “Mindfulness Eating Benefits

  1. Hi Ariel,
    I’m becoming a big fan of your posts. Your accomplishment, teaching yourself to walk again after a long illness, is inspiring. Kudos!

    A few years ago I read an interesting article In the life style section of the Sunday New York Times Magazine. The topic was about the “Slow Food” movement that was being formed by people in small towns and villages in Upstate New York and other regions as a rejection of the “fast food” style so common through out the country.

    The idea was to make people appreciate the pleasure of preparing, cooking, great tasting meals. Also to have the space and time to engage in making meaningful conversations with friends. It wouldn’t surprise me if one of those folks is reading your post and maybe sipping some apple cider made from fresh apples dangling from a tree nearby.

    1. Thank you so much for visiting my site and for all the wonderful comments. Ariel is truly an inspiration to all. I, too, enjoy reading her posts and gaining more insights of who she truly is as an individual. I agree with you in that there are some people reading her posts at this moment and savoring their lives a bit more because of it. Once again, thank you for visiting. Have a healthy day.

    2. Hello Thabo! Oh so many thanks for your very kind words. I have been following the slow food movement. And to me in a way it is going back to what is basic. Our needs as communal people to do simple things like this together. What is better than cooking together and savoring meals?

      I have pictured in my head something I call the buffet table of love. And it is people from all over the world sitting down together breaking bread and opening hearts. It is what we truly all want. And it starts with simple respect, yes?

      Respect and gratitude for our food..and then it just spreads to everything in our lives.

      I am so glad you are here. I look forward to chatting with you.
      In peace and gratitude, ariel

  2. Ariel: I was at a similar meditation but with a twist — it was a cannabis meditation where people used that medicine to relax and focus. We closed our eyes and our guide gave each of us a mandarin orange. We did a similar step-by-step as you describe but with eyes closed and the extra relaxation/focus of the cannabis medicine. I can still remember the extraordinary taste of the orange bursting in my mouth. Its so much easier to feel gratitude when you slow life down enough to become more thoughtful.

    1. Thank you very much for visiting my site and for describing the meditation experience you had. Your experience sounds very interesting and I can see how that experience has been so memorable for you. I also truly believe it’s much easier to be grateful when you slow down. I hope you have a wonderful and healthy weekend. Please stop by my site again soon.

    2. Hello Dr. Doug, I can so see this! Wow, great exercise and meditation. It amazes me how when we just take that moment to be, everything changes, doesn’t it?
      I hear you. I am so glad to see you here. And I hope we get to chat more. Thank you for your sharing and giving.
      In peace and gratitude, ariel

  3. I think you raise some good points here.

    I always remember when I way younger and I was in such a rush to eat my meals. I always wanted to do something else and eating was one of those things that I felt was taking up time.

    I remember being with my Grandfather once, and he was horrified when he saw me eating. It was him that told me to slow down, taste the food, savor the flavor (and save my fingers, too).

    I see you mention these points too and I can relate to them now.

    Now I eat much slower and take the time to enjoy my food, and I feel more full and have a better digestion because of it.

    Great to read this and learn that my Grandfather knew what he was talking about 30 years ago.



    1. Chris, thank you for stopping by and for your comments. Your Grandfather sounds a lot like my Grandmother – a very wise person. We can certainly learn a great deal from our elders and he was absolutely right about slowing down and eating. Especially as we get older, eating in a rush can wreak havoc on our digestive systems and cause overall health problems. I am glad you have taken time to slow down and enjoy your food. I hope you have a healthy day.

    2. Hello Chris, and the best part is that when we do slow down we get to really taste the food. Not just jam it into our mouths. And for me it is a metaphor for how we also choose to do life..yes?
      Loved the story about your Grandfather too.
      Thanks so much for being here. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  4. Hello Yvette,

    I think I totally agree that we have to savor every moment of our life as every piece of our meal. It is a big advantage that you eat less and slower and you can lose weight. But not only this – we can understand the real value of little things in life.

    I will sure try the small lesson of meditation. I will let you know my how I feel.

    Thanks for sharing. Your post was inspiration and enjoyment.

    Have a good day,

    1. Thank you for stopping my page, Cristina. I am so glad you enjoyed the article and agree that savoring food is much better for you. You are correct that there is value in the little things in life. If we rush through our days without enjoying those small things, we will certainly miss a great deal. Yes, please come back and let me know how you feel after you meditate. Also, feel free to visit Ariel’s website https://success-full-living.com/, to give you more information about meditation. I look forward to hearing from you. Have a great and healthy day.

    2. Hello Cristina, I am so glad you enjoyed this article. And I would really like to hear how the meditation works for you.
      And you are so right, the value is immeasurable and a life long lesson.
      Thanks so much for being here. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  5. Wow I have heard of mindful eating but never have had it explained to me. I see after reading this article of how powerful this could very well be. Not to mention the health benefits of letting your brain catch up with your eating. I think I will give this a try next time I am ready to sit down and eat. Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you, Melissa, for stopping by and for your wonderful comments. I am glad you enjoyed the article and know more about mindfulness eating and the benefits surrounding it. Please do give this a try and let me know how you felt afterwards. I would like to know how it worked for you. I look forward to hearing back from you. Have a healthy week.

    2. Hello Melissa, it is amazing all the health benefits and emotional well being that slowing down our eating and truly savoring it will do to our bodies and hearts!
      I look forward to hearing how it works for you. Thanks so much for being here.
      in peace and gratitude, ariel

  6. I have been focusing on this lately and reading this found I am doing some of it right.
    I enjoyed this information and how it reinforces self care and the quality of consciousness.

    1. Dianne, thank you so much for visiting my site and for the comments. It’s great to hear that you have started eating mindfully. You are definitely correct that this article reinforces self care and quality of consciousness. Through those means, we can really start taking care of ourselves the healthy way. Have a healthy day.

    2. Hello Dianne, I am so happy to hear that of course you are doing it right. I would like to hear more about how it impacts you . In peace and gratitude, ariel

  7. Hi, Ariel,

    This is something I have never tried but I shall try it out for sure. What a fabulous article. I am also in awe of how you have taught yourself to walk again. That is so wonderful truly inspiring.

    I am the sort of person who is also always rushing around and grabbing food as and when and not really considering the real delights of actually enjoying my food.

    I should really start to incorporate some of these techniques into all aspects of my life. I shall start first with my food. In fact I can’t wait to try it and I shall let you know how I get on.

    More so also because I do suffer lots of stress and anxiety which is not only bad on my health but also on my weight gain.

    This is a fabulously written article and it’s an awesome read. Thank you so much Ariel.

    Hi, Yvette,

    Thank you for sharing Ariel’s article with us. Your website is truly amazing. I shall be back to let you know how I got on with eating my food in a way that Ariel has explained and I shall be honouring my food and how I perceive it instead of just rushing it all the time.

    Thank you again.

    kindest Regards to both yourself and Ariel


    1. Deborah, thank you for visiting my site and for your very kind comments. I truly appreciate it. I am very glad you are considering mindfulness eating. By incorporating some of Ariel’s ideas, I truly believe you will start to feel and see a difference. When we take the time to really savor our food, it can be extremely beneficial – even from a weight perspective.

      Collaborating with Ariel on this article was truly amazing. She is a wonderful person and writer. I truly enjoyed this venture we took together.

      Yes, please do come back by to let us know how you have progressed. We would love to hear from you. Have a healthy evening.

    2. Hello Deborah, I am so happy you enjoyed the article. And I also found that when I am in that space of mindful eating, I do not gain weight, because I am not over eating. Does that make sense?
      Do tell me more about how this journey will work for you. And thank you so much for your very kind words. Yvette’s site is truly wonderful. I also like coming here to read her articles.
      In peace and gratitude, ariel

  8. This is something I have heard many health gurus talk about – slowing down, putting our cutlery down, savouring each bite, taking our time eating a meal. In our fast-paced lives it is sometimes much harder to achieve this. I do try, wherever possible, to take my time eating my meal and I do enjoy it more when I take the time. This is not always possible at work. Sometimes it’s a case of you have 5 minutes for lunch – what 5 minutes? – and you literally inhale your food. There have been days where I have been very excited for what my lunchbox contained, but when it comes time to eat I have 5 minutes and the enjoyment is spoiled, yet I need to eat or I will hungry for the next six hours! However, I will definitely put these tips into practice more often at the times I can have control over my meals.

    1. Hello, Megan. I can understand how when you have only a few minutes, you have to quickly eat your food. If that is happening at work, you don’t have much control over it. However, you are absolutely right by taking your time in those meals you can control. Whether it is family dinner time, family gatherings, weekend festivities, or dining with friends – take your time to slow down and enjoy your meal. Have a healthy week.

    2. Hello Megan, I so do hear you! But then again, there are moments in our rushing when finding a few more minutes than 5, allows us to be grateful for this gorgeous food.

      I so hope your times of not rushing around allow you to be in this space. It helps us to really be more centered and less rushing around, doesn’t it?

      I hope it works for you.
      So many thanks for stopping by to chat.
      In peace and gratitude, ariel

      1. Hi Ariel:

        I do hear you on finding more than 5 minutes to eat and appreciate our food. However, the environment I work in, sometimes this is easier said than done. Sometimes it is literally scoff it down or you miss out – very sad but it’s the nature of the role. Luckily I only work a couple of days per week so I can make a conscious effort on my non-work days to savour what I am eating!


        1. Hello Megan, I hear you. And I am so glad it is not daily that you work. I am looking forward to hearing how it works for you on your day off. I wish you joy and ease. Thanks for being here.
          in peace and gratitude, ariel

  9. Oh my goodness, I actually tasted tangerine in my mouth as I read your description. Wowee! Yum.
    I love this concept of mindful eating and I can absolutely see how slowing the eating process down and savouring every morsel would lead to weight loss.
    I can also see how mindful eating can spill over and be the gateway to conscious living. You have inspired me (yet again)!
    Thank You, Ariel and Thank You, Yvette. Now that’s what I call a sensational post.
    Excuse me, have to sign off now – I have a beautiful, ripe mango gift on my kitchen counter waiting to be unwrapped and appreciated with all my senses. Aah… meditation in motion. Love it.

    1. Lauren, thank you for stopping by my site and for your kind words. This collaboration with Ariel has been extremely inspirational for me as well. It has been amazing to work with her.

      How awesome for you to take the reading and make your own mindful experience! How wonderful. I hope as you move forward, you will have more fulfilling meditative moments.

      Please come back soon to visit my site. Have a very healthy day.

    2. Hello Lauren, tell me how good that mango tasted??

      Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. Your kind words really encourage and support my writing.

      It is amazing how each small choice we make leads to such larger changes in our lives, isn’t it?

      It has been so much fun to collaborate with Yvette. I am so grateful for her and this opportunity. She is quite an inspirational and compassionate person.

      I want to hear more about your meditation in motion. I love that!
      Thanks so much for being here. I hope we chat again soon. In peace and gratitude, ariel

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