Simple Methods for Refreshing Your Perspective

Growing older is something we all must do. Just because we are growing older, it doesn’t mean you can’t get out and enjoy activities as you used to do. Staying active is as important as you get older as when you were younger. There are several things you can do to stay active. Read this fascinating article so you, too, will know some great things you can do to stay healthy and active and obtain some simple methods for refreshing your perspective.


Guest Post – Jason Lewis

There are some things in life we have no control over. As we grow older, we are continually reminded of that simple truth. Our minds and bodies don’t always perform the way they used to, but with some simple lifestyle changes, you can take a proactive role in your overall condition.

Do Some Movin’ and Shakin’
Staying physically active is a key to overall wellness, and as Dr. Oz notes, the benefits for seniors are big ones. Most people are familiar with many of the physical perks, such as the reduced risk of issues such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and stroke. Exercising can also help you avoid falls by improving strength, balance, and flexibility. Additionally, staying active can keep your mind healthy and sharp. Get a “thumbs up” from your doctor first, then pick an activity you can enjoy daily, like Zumba, walking, or cycling, and break it up with some variety. Consider taking up a sport you’ll look forward to, and then watch your fitness bloom!

Go for a Round of Golf

When it comes to hobby sports, golf is one of the top choices for seniors. It’s a low-impact activity that works on strength, balance, and flexibility. If you used to golf and thought you should quit because your flexibility started to wane, there’s good news! Golf Week suggests that most seniors can simply modify their golf swing to accommodate changes in ability. If you need new clubs, brush up on important factors to consider before you invest in a set. Gather your buddies or go it alone, and regardless of whether you rent a cart or walk, play a whole round or half, or just go to the driving range, you’re sure to have a blast!

Connect and Cut Up
Spending time with friends is something we often set aside as family and work obligations take over, but remaining socially active throughout life is important to our well-being. It can bolster your immune system, reduce your risk of depression, increase your productivity, and even improve your sleep. If you’re retired and have an empty nest, why not make your social life a priority? You can improve your overall health and quality of life while having a great time!

Women LaughingWith that in mind, spend some time with people you love. Grab lunch with a friend regularly, and to reinforce both the fun and benefits of your outings, tell some light stories. Laughing and joking together can lift your outlook on life, ease tension, and lower pain levels. And if you want to up the ante another notch, lounge in the sun together. The vitamin D you’ll gain can help keep your bones and immune system strong. So, settle on a park bench, go for a stroll, or pack a picnic.  It’s a chance for bonding and raising your quality of life in important ways.

Embrace the Nightlife
When is the last time you did some stargazing? The sun hasn’t cornered the market on sky-delivered perks. You might be surprised to learn that savoring the night sky potentially offers unique benefits to your mind and body. It can help reframe your perspective, encourages a sense of wonder, and sparks creativity. It can help settle you, physically and mentally, and can even help you to be more sensitive to others. It’s a great reminder of how amazing life truly is.

Cover Your Coverage
That’s not doubletalk! It’s crucial for seniors to ensure that they have healthcare coverage and know what their benefits are. After all, if you don’t know what you’re entitled to, you can’t take advantage of it. So, before you do anything else, make sure you examine your Medicare plan. Open Enrollment is from the first of January to the end of March, so consider what Medicare Advantage options are available in your state and assess if you need to make changes.

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A personal trainer by day, Jason Lewis created to share his fitness knowledge with seniors wanting to stay fit and healthy.

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