Staying Focused On Your Goals

Your health and fitness journey is always going to be totally unique and personal to you and everybody’s is different. However, because of mainstream media, there are often areas of  improvement during their journey, and this can easily slow progress down. Staying focused on your goals, is the best way to achieve a healthy you.

There are still many misconceptions surrounding health and fitness, and it can be tough to know what to do and what not to do to get to where you want to be.

Here, we’re going to talk about areas of improvement so you can stay focused. Take a look and you might be surprised!

1. Focusing Too Much On Calories
A calorie is a unit of heat energy. The body actually gets its fuel from this heat energy and calories provided to our bodies comes from fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Therefore, you should focus on eating a balanced diet, which means looking at your protein, fats, and carbs. Reading ingredient labels is very important to understand what is being consumed. Keep in mind that by writing things down to track your calories can help you to lose fat, put on muscle, or simply make sure you’re eating enough each day. That being said, focusing too much on them can also cause a problem in your weight loss journey.

It also means making sure you’re getting your micronutrients in as well. Two types of micronutrients are vitamins and minerals. Even though our bodies only need small amounts of them, they are key because they play a huge part in heartbeat, metabolism regulation, bone density and cellular PH.

Taking supplements like vermont naturals vitamins can also help in your quest for health. You might lose fat by restricting your calories, but that doesn’t necessarily make you healthy, so be very cognizant of that and closely watch what you eat as well as how much you eat.

Don't just focus on scale weight2. Focusing Too Much On the Scale
Instead of focusing on the scale for ‘weight loss’ (which could even just refer to water retention or muscle gain) focus on how your clothes fit, how you feel, and your measurements. They are much better representations of how fit and healthy you are.

Focusing too much on scale weight can actually make it more difficult for you to become healthy. If you happen to have more water retention one day because of perhaps something you ate, you may seem heavier and this may actually make you feel disappointed to the point you give up. So please keep that in mind as you are going through your weight loss journey.

3. Doing Exercises You Don’t Enjoy
Are you slogging away in the gym getting bored, or going to a group class you absolutely hate? Doing exercises you don’t enjoy will eventually lead you to give up. Finding something you like to do is essential, whether that’s weightlifting, swimming, or yoga.

For some ideas, try ballroom dancing, bicycling, tennis, walking briskly, swimming, aerobic dancing, or water aerobics. Try it all and see what makes you feel your best.

4. Not Finding Your Balance
Are you either all in, or all out? Perhaps you’re a great Monday through Thursday gym person,  then do whatever you want on Friday,  Saturday and Sunday.  Maybe you work really hard up until summer and then you just let it all go when it starts to get cold outside. Finding a balance that is right for you is important.

So set a schedule and stick with it on an ongoing basis. It’s quite stressful if you have to start from square one over and over again.

Look at your journey as a lifestyle change

5. Not Looking At It As A Lifestyle Change
Instead of looking at your journey as a short-term  ‘summer body’ event, look at this as a lifestyle change. Sure, you want to look good, but don’t you want to feel great – all the time? Don’t you want a high quality of life where you can keep up with your grandchildren? Don’t you want to live longer, avoiding terrible health issues and strengthening your immune system? This is why this should be for life – so make your routine sustainable.

6. Staying Away From Fad Diets
Fad diets are not healthy. Their marketing makes them seem like they are, but they are not. Diets that strip things away is not healthy. As you continue your journey, remember to get plenty of water, eat natural foods, and exercise.

The best type of program for you will depend on what you’re looking for in your diet. Do your research and decide what’s best for you.

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There are ways to stay focused while on your weight loss journey. Focusing on the right things are important. However, focusing on the incorrect things are important as well so you don’t get off track. Making sure you look at your journey as a lifestyle change is very important. Do your research and find out what programs are best for a healthy you.

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