The Benefits of Group Exercise

When it comes to exercise, many of us prefer to work out alone. It isn’t exactly attractive, after all, to work out with others. Why would you want anyone to see you when you’re hot, sweaty, and about to pass out? That kind of thing is surely best kept behind closed doors and out of sight. Right? Well, not necessarily. Have you ever considered group exercise? Keep reading below to read about the benefits of group exercise.

Popularity of Group Exercise
Group exercise sessions like those offered on are actually gaining popularity. The majority of us who vow to get fit now sign up for classes like these. And, if the results are anything to go by, it’s worth doing. Okay, so it would mean showing people that you may not be the most fit and your sweat. But, everyone else will be doing the same, so does it really matter? We don’t think it should when you consider the following benefits you can get from not going it alone.

1. A More Regular Workout Routine
Sometimes we are not good at sticking to our fitness goals. We write them out and swear that, this time, we’ll get them nailed. But, then, we don’t feel like it or something else comes up. Before we know,it  our goals are in the dust, and we’re no closer to a healthy lifestyle.

Group exercise

It’s not exactly the ideal fitness scenario we’d like for ourselves. And, it’s one which group exercise could change. That’s because sessions like these require you to sign up and pay in advance. When your name is on a list, and your money rests on this, you’re far less likely to pass fitness over for other things. Group exercise makes your workout efforts a set date on your calendar. That, alone, is well worth signing up for.

2. No Choice But To Push Yourself
Most of us are pretty easy on ourselves when we workout. While we consider this a kindness, we’re actually doing more harm. That’s because stamina only builds when you push. If you keep ducking out when you feel tired, you’re never going to gain the benefits of a good heart rate.

By signing up for group exercise, it could mean instead of ducking out, we will finish the class. By having an instructor and a room full of people around, leaving no choice but to keep moving going to push forward. Sure it’ll be unpleasant at first, but it’ll soon when we see results, we can start reaching whole new workout heights. Once we stretch our stamina, we might even start to enjoy ourselves.

Group Exercise3. Social Aspects
I’ve joined group classes in the past and must admit, there is a social aspect that I really enjoyed. I made new friends and there was a certain comradery between all of us. Some people in the class hung out quite often outside of class and really enjoyed each other. Finding new friends is always a great social aspect.

4. A Healthier Mind
Of course, we don’t just work out for our bodies. Most of us would like to get a healthier mind in the bargain too. And, as can be seen from sites like, group exercise is the best way to achieve that. They found that around 25% of people who embarked on group exercise experienced improvements in emotional health. That’s compared with 11% of solo exercisers. For the most part, this is because of the social aspect of group workouts. With friends and support all around, your mind is sure to get into better shape. Your body shouldn’t do too badly out of it, either.

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Working out alone can be beneficial, but have you ever considered working out in a group? Working out in group exercise plans can provide greater benefits and make you push yourself a little harder than you would than by working out alone. In addition to that, you may find some new friends to hang out with as well as have a healthier mind-set.

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