The Benefits of Yoga for Women Over 50

There are several benefits of yoga for women over 50.  Many practitioners believe there is a connection between weight loss and yoga. For some people, yoga is the connection you make with your body and with that, people become more aware of what they consume. While yoga will not give you extreme weight loss, you can still burn calories.

If you have always been active in your life, that is awesome. Keep up the great work. However, if you are just beginning a yoga workout regimen, starting out slowly, perhaps in a beginner’s yoga class may prove to be the most beneficial.


Some people truly enjoy yoga and says it is a great way to maintain a positive attitude and relieve stress. What are some of the other benefits of yoga for women over 50? They include:

– relief from menopausal discomfort
– having movement without the strain
– increased flexibility
– promotion of good bone health
– maintaining a sharp mind

As you know, during this stage of the game, many of us are suffering from menopausal symptoms. As discussed, there are many benefits to incorporating yoga into our daily routines. In addition, there are actually some yoga poses that will help alleviate some of those symptoms.

The most helpful yoga poses for women over 50 and their benefits are as follows:

1. Bridge Pose
– elongates the spine
– relieves stress
– targets many symptoms of menopause
– stretches the back
– can reduce fatigue and insomnia
– eases anxiety and headaches

2. Standing Forward Bend
– commonly used to treat the symptoms of menopause and osteoporosis
– can help reduce stress
– calms your mind
– gently stretches the hips and hamstrings

3. Downward Dog

– stretches the upper back and legs
– helps to induce calm and relaxation
– relieves symptoms of menopause
– reduces menstrual pain
– helps prevent osteoporosis

4. Plow Pose

– known to relieve fatigue and insomnia
– soothes backaches
– combats anxiety and irritability

5. Seated Forward Bend

– helpful in alleviating stress and mild depression
– relieves menstrual pain
– combats fatigue and insomnia

6. Child’s Pose

– promotes feelings of calm to alleviate stress, anxiety and fatigue
– stretches legs and back
(can be practiced either with the arms by the sides or stretched out in front of the head)

7. Camel Pose

– relieves backaches
– can relieve menstrual pain, anxiety and fatigue

There are benefits to yoga in women over 50. If you have already started a work out regimen, consider incorporating yoga into your daily routine. If you have not been an avid workout enthusiast, consider taking a beginner’s class to begin a journey of yoga.Remember to consult with your doctor before beginning an exercise program.Do you have a favorite yoga pose? If so, please feel free to share. I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

Incorporating yoga into your exercise regimen has many health benefits including easing symptoms associated with menopause and osteoporosis. When incorporating those exercises, knowing the techniques is helpful.

Remember to consult your doctor before starting an exercise regimen.

In an overall healthy person, inflammation can actually combat small problems. Moreover, inflammation is a natural process that is responding to something going on in the body like injury, infection, and stress. Yoga can be incorporated as part of a program to reduce inflammation caused by the stress. However, if inflammation is giving off signals, it’s a sign of something larger going on and should not be ignored. If ignored, inflammation can lead to a much more serious health issue like chronic inflammation.

What is chronic inflammation? It all begins with our immune system. When the body does not get the right diet and is constantly stressed out, it is under attack. When that happens, the body can’t distribute the nutrients as it should to all organs and other parts. Then the immune system becomes damaged and that’s when chronic inflammation occurs. Once chronic inflammation is triggered, it may be years before it is detected. During that time cells throughout the body will die and the aging process will accelerate.

What causes chronic inflammation? There are a few ways chronic inflammation occurs. One way is with diet. The constant consumption of processed foods, sugary drinks, unhealthy fats, and too much alcohol is taking a toll on the body. When your body is chronically inflamed, allergies can be triggered. Therefore, gluten, lactose, eggs and dairy, and nut are not compatible with a body that is chronically inflamed.

Unhealthy Fats Can Cause Inflammation

A stressful lifestyle and exhaustion are other factors that cause chronic inflammation. Stress causes cortisol (long-term stress hormone) levels to rise. There are many factors in our daily lives that cause stress and exhaustion. Getting enough sleep is very important and plays a vital role in overall good health and protects not only your mental health but also your mental health and quality of life.

Gut health is another major factor. Having a healthy gut is very important in the scheme for overall health. Beneficial bacterial in the gut have the capability of affecting several functions of the body including vitamin and mineral absorption, hormone regulation, digestion, and toxin elimination. Eating the right foods and taking the right supplements like prebiotics, for example, will help you maintain a healthy gut.

How do you reduce chronic inflammation? There are ways to reduce chronic inflammation such as:

1. Get enough sleep each night. As mentioned, sleep is very important and not getting enough  can affect how well you think, work, and learn. Sleep also allows your body to repair and restore cells.

2.  Consuming more inflammatory fighting foods is important. Eat foods such as green leafy vegetables, avocados, beets, blueberries, pineapple, broccoli, papaya, ginger, hemp seeds, chia seeds, and turmeric.

 Consume More Inflammatory Fighting Foods

3. Consume good fats. These foods include fresh (cold water) fish, squash, dark leafy greens, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, hemp and chia seeds. Cutting back on the trans fats is important because those are the fats that cause inflammation.

4. Watch sugar intake.  Giving up refined carbohydrates, sodas and even sugar substitutes, will have a huge impact on your health. Eating sugar produces high and low insulin spikes which are not good for your body.

5. Check your gut health. As mentioned earlier, having gut health is very important. There is good and bad bacteria in our gut and we need to focus on feeding the good bacteria. Consuming prebiotics through the foods is a good place to start.

6. Reduce stress. There are several ways to reduce stress in life including taking walks, meditating, baths, massages, sleep (see #1 above) and yoga. There are yoga poses that help reduce inflammation. They are the Warrior II and Supine Twist poses as explained below.

Warrior II
– relieves muscle aches
– improves circulation and respiration
The body combats stress and functions more effectively when it has good circulation and respiration.

Supine (Spinal) Twist:
– alleviates inflammation in the lower back
– relieves shoulder tightness
This pose is great for digestive health which is connected to the immune system.

Yoga will change your life. How? Click and watch the video below:

Before starting an exercise plan, consult with your doctor.

Many practitioners believe there is a connection between weight loss and yoga. While yoga will not give you extreme weight loss, you can still burn calories. There are many benefits of incorporating yoga into your life. Two of the benefits include relieving symptoms related to menopause and osteoporosis. There are even poses to relieve inflammation.

I like to hear from my readers so tell me if this information was helpful or feel free to ask any questions you may have.


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  1. Hello Yvette! Wow, this article is truly fantastic. Including the videos really helps get the poses just right. I have been really wanting to figure out how to gently enter into yoga..and I think you just showed me how! So many thanks! Will you be following this up with any more ideas on yoga? Or even chair yoga?

    Thanks so much, it is so much fun to come to your is always so thorough and well written and fun! Wishing you great success!

    1. Thank you for visiting my yoga page and for the kind words, Ariel. I am so happy that you enjoyed the videos and they are going to help you get into yoga. As yoga has many benefits, I may add more poses and types of yoga. Feel free to come back and visit my site again, soon. Have a healthy day.

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    1. Thank you very much for visiting my site and trying the yoga poses, Edie. Feeling great is the key as we get older. You feeling great after just three of the poses is a wonderful start to better health. Keep it up. All the best in becoming a healthy you.

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