Vegan / Vegetarian Meals (Videos)

For my vegan / vegetarian friends, here are some healthy vegan recipe ideas for you. To watch these delicious recipes, please click below:

For Vegan meal prepping ideas, watch the video below:


Are you cooking for a few people for dinner or the holiday? Try this  vegan macaroni and cheese dish below:

Have these videos been helpful to you?  Please let me know.



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To make things simpler, it is best to be prepared with what you need for easier food prepping. Below is a list of some items you may need.

1. Meal prep containers – It is best to purchase these containers because they are:
– BPA free
– easily stackable
– dishwasher safe
– microwave safe

Enther Meal Prep Containers - Healthy Meal Prepping Recipes
1 Compartment Enther Meal Prep Containers (20 pack)


3 Compartment Home Store Pro Food Storage Containers (10 pack) - Healthy Meal Prepping Recipes
3 Compartment – Home Store Pro Food Storage Containers (10 pack)


2. Mason Jars – Breakfast can be meal prepped as well. Use Mason jars for an easy way to get organized.

Ball Mason Pint Jars (12 pack) - Healthy Meal Prepping Recipes
Ball Mason Pint Jars (12 pack)

2 thoughts on “Vegan / Vegetarian Meals (Videos)

  1. Wow, this was so much fun to watch and salivate over. I really appreciated that the recipes were so mindful of the different menus we have all chosen. As a vegan, I am going to try that chick pea meal and the zucchini spirals. So much fun. Thank you for showing us how much fun it is to eat well and healthy! Keep these videos coming please! Great job!

    1. Ariel, I am so glad you like the video about all the great recipes. Eating healthy can definitely be fun, that’s for sure! Please come back to my site because I will be posting more recipes for you to enjoy! Have a healthy week.

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