Walk It Off In 30 Days (DVD)

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Walk It Off in 30 Days
Walk It Off in 30 Days


Leslie Sansone is a fitness expert that leads you through an in-home walking program to burn calories and firm and tone muscles. With this DVD, you will burn with 30 minutes of cardio on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. As with her other DVDs, you will have fun walking to upbeat music. Using a variety of moves and music speed to get your heart rate up in conjunction with light hand weights. Leslie takes you through a warm up, walking at fat burning speed, then cool down for a great workout session.

The firm for 30 minutes on  Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday is a great way to incorporate strength training. You use dumbbells during this workout to get your muscles toned. Your arms, back, chest, abs, and lower body are targeted during this 30 minute workout session. She breaks up the workout into two sessions – the first session is standing while the second session is on the floor.

Do you want to look lean in 30 days? This workout session is for you.

No time to get to the gym? Want to walk but there is inclement weather? No worries. This 30 day challenge is excellent for someone just like you.

THE PROS:Thumbs-up-yes
This workout is great for those who can’t get to the gym and want the convenience of working out at home.  Also, no need to worry about inclement weather with this DVD.  There is a lot of upbeat music to get your heart rate up during the burn sessions and a variety of toning movements during the firm session.

THE CONS:Thumbs-down-no
If your fitness level is high and intense, this DVD workout may seem too low impact.

If you are an avid walker and want to start toning those muscles, you will enjoy this type of fitness. You will see in burn session, there are participants of all ages. This shows that all ages can become fit.

I would highly recommend this walk at home DVD. Personally, I have been a long-time fan of the Walk At Home Series and own several of the programs I have bought through the years. Using a variety of moves and upbeat music, Leslie Sansone will get you moving during the burn days. If you want to tone up, then do it right here on the firm days. This DVD is convenient and fun and for all ages.



2 thoughts on “Walk It Off In 30 Days (DVD)

  1. Thank you for sharing how this video is available. I have looked into other means of walking off the pounds from YouTube videos. However, I will purchase this in the future. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for visiting my site, Edith. I appreciate it and your comments. While using YouTube videos on line are convenient, I find DVD’s are better because you don’t have the interruption of the ads that pop up in the middle of the videos these days. Please come back and let me know how you like the DVD after you purchase it. I am happy you are taking steps to be a healthier you.

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