What Is An All Natural Menopause Treatment?

When looking at menopause and weight loss overall, it can be upsetting and depressing as stated in my article, “Weight Loss and Menopause“.  Menopause is a stage in life dreaded by many women across the world. Therefore, you are not alone. However, when you are not feeling well, it can seem like you are alone.  All you want to do is find relief. Talking with your doctor is a wonderful thing to do. Depending on your severity of your symptoms, he or she may prescribe some medication. However, you may be wondering what is an all natural menopause treatment? The great news is there is actually more than one natural treatment!

Natural remedies for menopause can be a long lasting solution to curb symptom severity and duration. While some  remedies include: exercising regularly, using natural herbal treatments and taking supplements to balance hormones, there are also foods that can help with the severity of symptoms. Keep in mind these natural remedies work best if you start them as soon as you notice the menopause symptoms.

Eating a healthy diet can be the best way to balance hormones and reduce menopause symptoms. Eating foods that enhance hormone balance to your diet while reducing your intake of calories can help you manage weight gain.

A Healthy Diet Includes Fruits and Vegetables

Your diet should mainly include an increased fruit and vegetable intake while cutting down on carbs and protein. The foods should be nutrient dense raw or unprocessed.  Cutting back on coffee, tea, soft drinks, sugary foods and alcoholic drinks as much as possible are keys as well.

In the video below, you will find some great holistic remedies to manage the symptoms of menopause:

In the below video, Herbalist, Dana LaVoie gives her wonderful tips on supplements to take during menopause:

In an awesome and thorough video below, Doctors Jordon Ruben and Josh Axe talk about the 7 Keys to Balance Hormones & Manage Menopause. 

In this thorough video, they discuss consuming all natural products that will help to balance hormones and manage menopausal symptoms through:
1. Food
2. Herbs
3. Spices
4. Essential Oils
5. Medicinal Mushrooms
6.  Nutrients
7. Supplements

The video gives some wonderful ways of reduce menopausal symptoms. However, there are additional ways to reduce symptoms.

As was stated in my article “Weight Loss and Menopause“, we know that exercise and getting enough rest are two key factors in counteracting menopausal symptoms.

Let’s look at some additional ways to fight these symptoms:

1. Relaxation
Relaxing can be a great solution to stress and anxiety. I have mentioned yoga quite often throughout my website. However, if you want to try other relaxing avenues, try things like:

> Spending time in nature
Being in nature can definitely create a calming effect over your entire body. For some ideas, consider the following:
Exercise outside at your favorite park instead of at a gym, take a walk, or have lunch in your favorite park.

Spend Time in Nature to Reduce Stress

> Dedicating time to spiritual activities
Whatever your beliefs are, it may be a good idea to join groups of others who share those same beliefs. In doing so, having discussions around your beliefs can be extremely calming and relaxing because of the connection you feel to others.

> Meditating
Meditation means to create awareness. When you meditate, it is best to be free from distraction because the experience will lead to a more tranquil, happier existence.

When meditating, try the following:
– Sit comfortably
– Focus on your breathing
– Listen to some soft, quite music
– Start with smaller amounts of time to meditate (instead of an hour initially)

Essential Oils Harmonize and Promote the Health of Body, Mind and Spirit> Aromatherapy
According to the NAHA (National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy), the leading organization in the U.S. and internationally, “aromatherapy, also referred to as Essential Oil therapy, can be defined as the art and science of utilizing naturally extracted aromatic essences from plats to balance, harmonize and promote the health of body, mind and spirit.”

When applied to the skin or inhaled, essential oils have been shown to help people overcome various health-related problems.

Essential oils are made from a variety of flowers, herbs, and tree parts (bark, roots and petals). The cells that give a plant the fragrant smell we all know are its essence. Essential oil is made from the essence being extracted from the plant.

There are a few essential oils that are used most commonly. They are:

    • Lemon
    • Chamomile
    • Lavender
    • Cedarwood
    • Bergamot

Essential oils can be used in a variety of ways including directly on the skin, warmed by using a diffuser, on the stove, or in the bath.

> Fostering close relations with friends and family members
Having close relationships can definitely help people feel connected and comforted. Just having someone in your life  to talk with – someone whom you can relate to – is comforting. Thus bringing the feeling of relaxation.

Foster Close Relationships with Family and Friends To Reduce Stress

2. Additional food supplements
There are additional food supplements not mentioned earlier, because of their active ingredients, that can be taken to help with menopausal symptoms. Some of them include:

> Natural Progesterone Cream
Progesterone levels in menopausal women to zero. Applying this cream can enhance overall hormone balance, stimulate bone-building and protect against osteoporosis.

> American Ginseng
This is a herbaceous perennial plant related to the ivy. Consuming American ginseng has many benefits including:

  • Help with weight loss
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve mood
  • Lowers blood sugar levels
  • Improve brain function

> Maca Roots
This is an herbaceous biennial plant that is naturally high in minerals such as calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc.

The benefits of consuming maca root is nourish those suffering from adrenal fatigue and reduces stress hormones.

While menopause is natural, it is a stage in life dreaded by many women. There are many symptoms of menopause that span from mild to severe. There are medications to help women get through this phase of their lives. However, some may want to seek more natural ways to find relief. Fortunately, there are several all natural menopause treatments.

Before taking supplements, please consult with your doctor to make sure this is a good remedy for you.

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