Working Out When You Are Sick

As we mature, there’s more emphasis on staying active to remain healthy. Over the age of 50, we have to use exercise in conjunction with a healthy diet as a way to stave off aches and pains, as well as illness. We know that exercise is essential, but what should we do if we become sick? Have you ever found yourself in this situation? Have you wondered if you should be working out when you are sick?

There are some factors that you should consider when you’re sick. Is your sickness something mild or something more serious? Is your body telling you should cut back a bit and rest? These are questions you should ask yourself before hitting the gym.


How Often Do You Visit The Doctor?
If you are visiting your doctor frequently, is this because of a long-term health condition? If it’s an ongoing issue, then your doctor will advise you accordingly. Your doctor may say that you can continue to exercise, and you should, but you need to take it slowly. Of course, if there’s something you feel that your doctor  may not be diagnosing or treating, you can always seek to obtain a  second opinion. This happens more than you may realize and health conditions can sometimes be misdiagnosed. If that happens to you, visit Brauns Law Personal Injury Firm.  The website lists common failed diagnosis such as depression, cancer, and even stroke. If you have a problem that you feel is a major health condition, make sure to have it checked out before exercising.

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Use The “Neck Rule”
According to the Mayo Clinic, if you have you have  a mild cold and no fever, mild to moderate physical activity is usually fine. They also say the general rule of thumb is if you have signs and symptoms below the neck, you should avoid exercising. This could include an upset stomach, hacking cough or congestion in your chest. However, if your signs and symptoms are above the neck such as nasal congestion, runny nose, minor sore throat or sneezing you are okay to exercise, just as long as you take it easy by reducing the intensity and length of the workout.

According to the article Getting Rid of a Cold With Exercise, there are studies that have shown regular exercise will help prevent colds in the first place. Increasing the body temperature by sweating from exercise will help kill many viruses. You certainly need to listen to your body and proceed with caution. The one thing you want to avoid is  stress your immune system. We certainly only want to do things that  improves our immune system.

Walking shoesTrust your instincts
How do you feel? Are you able to exercise or do you feel you should pass on the workout? If you’re feeling fine, there is no reason to make excuses and not exercise. Exercising definitely gets the blood flowing. But you want to avoid making a big mistake by doing too much, too soon.

We may feel okay, but when we aren’t used to a certain amount of exercise we’ve got to build up. If we jump into it too quickly, this is when we may get sick. Now there could be a delay of getting back into the gym because we feel like giving up. This is probably the most important piece of information as far as exercising is concerned, especially later in life.

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As so many people are concerned about their health as they age, many use this as an excuse not to exercise. Don’t use a little illness, to skip the gym. The next time you are sick, exercise good judgement, but you may still be able to work out. Make sure you take good care of your health and be careful of working out when you’re sick.

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