Writing and Weight Loss

We have all heard writing things down on paper can help greatly in our quest to achieve whatever it is we are striving for in our lives. Writing S.M.A.R.T. goals is very helpful, but did you know writing your feelings is just as beneficial – even when it comes to your health and weight loss?  There is power in writing. There is also connection between writing and weight loss.

As stated above, writing things is key. To give you more information around that, some of the benefits of jotting things down include:

1. Learning – A 2010 Indiana University study has shown your brain is engaged in learning when you hand write.  This not only works for children, but adults as well. Therefore, write down what you’re feeling, and focus on what is going to help you carry your goals out around your health and weight loss. Consider writing healthier alternatives for yourself, etc.

By hand writing things down, you'll remember more

2.  Remembering – By hand writing things down, you’ll remember more. According to the 2014 Association of Psychological Science  students who took hand written notes remembered more than those who took notes using a device like a laptop. Therefore, write your thoughts on paper to help you remember your health and weight loss goals.

3. Brainstorming – Once you start writing things down, you can begin to see things on a larger scale. Where you want to go turns into how you want to get there. When you look at your health and weight loss, write down where you are now and how you plan to get there. The great thing about this process is, it’s just your thoughts on paper. No one else needs to be involved with this process – unless you want them to be involved.

4. Free Space – When you write things down, it actually frees your brain up from other baggage. It lets your brain have more room to focus on other things in your life as well and that can help you relax and breathe. After you get your thoughts jotted down on paper, take a break by doing some other things you need to do in your life. So if you’re someone who’s a little worried about your health, now’s the time for you to do something about it – write it out and let it go!

5. Distractions – By using laptops and computers to take notes, things can possibly pop up like ads, notifications, etc.  to distract you. By writing things down on paper, you eliminate those specific distractions. When it comes to your health, you should be focused.

6. Memory – Did you know if you actually hand write things, it can make your brain sharper? According to Neurology, the world renowned science journal, you will have sharper memory for longer. Especially as we age and start the menopausal process, memory is important.

So, the next time you want to write some notes about your health, think about the above items before grabbing your lap top. Have that good old paper and pen handy so you can stay on top of your health and weight loss goals.

Instead of a candy bar, grab some grapesLOOK FOR HEALTHIER ALTERNATIVES
As you are writing your goals, include looking for healthier alternatives in your regimen as well. Even the smallest of changes can have the biggest impact on your health.

Do you need to ween yourself off of bad habits? Try finding healthier alternatives to wean yourself off of them easier. For example, if you’re someone who likes sweets, instead of grabbing that candy bar, try grabby a handful of sweet grapes. Or if you like a cigarette every now and then and no other options you’ve tried works, why not quit smoking, try vaping instead at first?

These are good ways to introduce healthier alternatives into your life and it means you’re weening yourself off over time.

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Hand writing your goals is very advantageous – even when it comes to your health and weight loss. If you’ve got a habit, now’s the time to carry out some some changes to make sure you’re having a big impact on your own health and happiness. Too often those things are controlled by outside forces; make a change! If you know a change needs to be made, and you want to make it, this is your chance to do it properly with small steps.

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